Friday, March 21, 2014

Top Beauty Reads

My beauty obsession isn't limited to the physical. Sometimes picking up a book, having a peruse and getting my literary fix is just needed. So I've collated some on my faves, which may be pretty obvious, that come with a full recommendation.

First up, the much coveted 'It' by Alexa Chung. This took over the blogosphere when it was released last year - a little insight into the babe that is Alexa Chung? Yes please. I was one of the very lucky few to get my hands on a signed copy courtesy of Access All Asos which was super exciting! The book is bound in a hardback beautiful pastel pink in a textured material which would sit perfectly on any bedside table, coffee table or bookshelf - before you even open it, you know you're in for a treat. In regards to its contents, I'm kinda all about the imagery with this one. Page upon page of classic Alexa, - 90s bangs, smokey eyes and general 'cool girl' vibes. My favourite bit? How relatable so much of it is. She talks about beauty dilemmas, comfortable underwear and dealing with festivals. In some way, there's a bit of Chung in all of us. Or at least, I like to think so.

Next on the list are two beauts from LC. Yep the goddess that is Lauren Conrad. I can't get enough of this girl, from Laguna to the Hills and now on paper. I got both of her books 'Style' and 'Beauty' for Christmas one year and read them cover to cover instantly. They're super easy to pick up and have a browse through and a couple of years ago I  really did pick up a few pointers. 'Style', although not beauty related, is filled with suggestions on creating your perfect wardrobe. Ok, so many of the tips I would never emulate, but some of them are so LC. Five ways of styling an LBD, picking the perfect pair of jeans and nail polish as the perfect accessory are some of my top reads. Oh, and it's full of pictures of Miss Conrad looking bloomin' beautiful.

'Beauty' is pretty self explanatory and probably comes as no surprise that it's my fave of the two. This is like a bible for the everyday girl. From the perfect cateye liner to her signature waved hair - there are so many easy DIYs in here. The amount of tutorials in here makes it the book form of The Beauty Department - the site she, Kristin Ess and a bunch of other beauty mavens run. The pictures are clear and laid out in such a way that its easy to follow the tutorials. The Go To Loose Ponytail tutorial, chit chat on nail art and a look through LC's beauty evolution are the first things you should turn to. In fact, skimming through it right now is reminding me just how useful this book is. Also on a side note, any true LC fan needs to make their way through her novels - a storybook insight to the ins and outs of how The Hills worked. So. Good.

Finally, we make it to Bobbi Brown's offering. Bobbi Brown has tons of beauty books, but this is the first to my collection. I got the Makeup Manual this Christmas and was super happy as I'd bought it for my sister as well - I had to force myself to give it up. This book is full - FULL - of amazing makeup, lists of tools and makeup bag basics making is useful for, as the title says, everyone from beginners to pros. Makeup Manual takes you through equipment and skincare (including eating right) through to all over application and careers in beauty. This book has got it covered. My favourite parts? The skincare guide, Memorable Makeup Moments and adding every BB tool to my wishlist.

What beauty reads should I pick up next?


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