Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Benefit Watts Up Dupe

I'm all about a bit of highlight. I never used to get it but my collection seems to be growing quickly - Kevyn Aucoin Celestial Powder, Soap & Glory Glow All Out and the two I'm going to talk about.

I think Benefit's Watts Up was one of my very first highlighters. I was instantly drawn to it after Sammi spoke about it in a favourites video way back last year and soon enough, it was mine and I never looked back. I even gave it the crowning glory in my Favourites of 2013. I'm much more of a cream product gal when it comes to highlighting as I think it looks way more natural and generally just super pretty. Watts Up may be one of the most beautiful highlighters I've tried but it does pull in at £24.50 - not exactly purse friendly for everyone. 

I recently added No 7's new release Instant Radiance Highlighter to my collection, after Kate raved about it. Let's be honest, the way that girl talks she could sell snow to eskimos - but her rave review was completely justified. The highlighter is absolutely beautiful, butter soft and easy to blend. Oh, and it's just £9.95 (even less if you have one of those never ending No7 vouchers!). Earlier this week though, when picking which one to opt for, I realised a crazy similarity between the two.

Firstly, the formula is pretty much identical. Both Watts Up and Instant Radiance are extremely soft, super blendable and more shimmery than glitter - perfect. Lasting power, again I can't see a difference. I apply them at 4am and can still see a pretty glisten on my cheekbones come lunchtime - perfect.

The only difference between them is the shades. Instant Radiance is a pearlescent champagne in comparison to Watts Up which pulls more peachy toned. Both are beautiful, so it's just a matter of preference. I prefer using Watts Up in the summer months when my skin has a little more of a natural glow and Instant Radiance is ideal at the moment when my skin is a little fairer. I wouldn't say I'd rule either out for any season though, I'm clutching at straws for a stark difference right now.

Benefit Watts Up is swatched on the right of my hand, No 7 Instant Radiance Highlighter is swatched on the left.

What's your favourite highlighter? Have you tried these?



  1. I haven't tried either but I defo think I'm swaying towards the No7 one - if it's less than half the price and pretty much the same what's not to love?! xx

  2. I need to pick up the No 7 highlighter asap! :) I know what you mean about reading Kate's review. Hehe. I have a never ending list of products that I need to buy based solely on her incredible reviews.

    Ellis -

  3. I need to try the No7 highlighter :) Watts up is a bit too pricey :/ thanks for sharing <3
    Ana xo