Sunday, March 23, 2014

Estée Lauder Modern Muse

There's something about Estée Lauder fragrances that make me feel so old Hollywood glam whenever I wear them. Heck, I get that from Estée Lauder as a whole! And the new Modern Muse* fragrance is no different. 

Modern Muse is inspired by, as you'd expect, the modern woman - energy, strength and sensuality. Possibly the most perfect summary of women today I think, and a way I'd love to be portrayed. Now, I'm not the best at describing scents so I'll give you their version first. There's tons of various notes in here including patchouli, fresh lily, suede musk and mandarin but I think the most prominent are jasmine (said to capture a woman's energy) and a blend of amber wood and soft musk (for a woman's style, strength and sensuality). In all honesty, this goes completely over my head and I could never pick out the various notes of a fragrance. All I know is I'm drawn to woody and spicy scents - and this pretty much sums that up to me. 

It's very much a grown up fragrance, something I'd easily see sitting on my Mom's dressing table when I was younger. It reminds me a lot of the stronger Chanel and Dior perfumes - like Chance and J'adore - and also of other Estée Lauder ones too - namely Sensuous and Sensuous Nude (the latter being a little fruitier). If you like those mature, old Hollywood style smells then this is perfect for you. And if your Mom does, then this is an ideal Mother's Day gift (yep, a week today). 

Estée Lauder fragrances aren't new to my collection. I adore Sensuous Nude and I cannot wait for the Bronze Goddess collection to be released again this year because my bottle from last year is on it's last legs - I think Bronze Goddess tops my list of favourite perfumes.

The bottle itself is stunning - look at it! Super sleek and very art deco. I love the bow shaped top with the gold accents - it's all very, modern. Only thing I'd like is an actual lid - the top of this pushes down instead of having a lid and pump. Nothing major, just preference.

Overall, an amazing scent that, if it weren't so pricey (£44.00 for 30ml), I'd wear for work every day but instead is joining Miss Dior for nights out and one off occasions.

Have you tried Modern Muse?


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