Friday, March 14, 2014

#TanyaBurrLipsAndNails: Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You

A week or so ago I shared a couple of the glosses from Miss Tanya Burr's debut collection, today it's the turn of one of her polishes. Along with the glosses, I ordered two nail polishes from Feel Unique - Penguin Chic and this one, Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You (BBBHBY). Long name, gorgeous colour.

Now, my polish collection is by no means small however I felt I had a serious lack of hot pink polishes - most of mine were much darker or baby pink. BBBHBY was the first polish I was drawn to, even though I don't really wear pink as often as I used to, I still think it's a perfect shade. BBBHBY is a true hot pink, no doubt about it. It's not too neon but bright enough to make an impact.

It applies wonderfully. The consistency is quite thick which I love - it reminds me a little of the Barry M Gelly range - and leaves a gel like finish to the nails. I put on two coats but could have easily gone for just one. There was absolutely no streaking and the thicker brush made it super easy to cover each nail in a stroke or two. I slicked a coating of my trusty Seche Vite and it dried within minutes! I was pleasantly surprised at just how quickly it dried despite the couple of layers.

The packaging is so-so. I like that it resembles Dior and Nars bottles but not so sure on the fact the lid comes away from the brush. Seriously though, this is the tiniest gripe and not even worth changing anyone's mind over.

Overall, I adore Be Bright, Be Happy, Be You (the name is adorable!) and can't wait to try out my other purchase, Penguin Chic. Find the range on Feel Unique for just £5.99.

Have you picked up any of Tanya's nail polishes?

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