Monday, March 03, 2014

Macadamia Travel Set

Along with the skincare pieces I took skiing with me the other week, I also thought it was a perfect time to road-test the Macadamia Travel Set*. Macadamia's a brand that I've heard wonderful things about, but have never had to chance to use any products myself - so when the guys over at Macadamia sent me this, I was over the moon!

The Macadamia Travel Set includes 5 products plus a comb infused with the Macadamia Healing Oil. I'll be talking about four of the products as these were the ones I chose to take with me.

Macadamia Rejuvenating Shampoo
I love this stuff! I'm a big fan of oils for my hair, although I have to be careful not to overdo it as I have such fine hair, but having a shampoo infused with a little of the oil makes for a much lighter application and perfect for my locks. It smells delicious, lathers up really well and left my hair super cleansed. You do need quite a bit to get a good lather going but it's hardly something I'd complain about.

Macadamia Moisturising Rinse
Essentially, this is a conditioner. It's described as an everyday conditioner that leaves the hair soft and manageable - unfortunately, I didn't love this as much as it's shampoo sister. It felt gorgeous on my hair and smelled yummy but I found it left my hair feeling greasy! Which was a big shock as I've not had that happen with any conditioner for years and years. Such a shame - maybe the ingredients aren't suited to my hair type, I feel like it'd be better suited to thicker hair.

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque
After having a bad experience with the Moisture Rinse, I found myself reaching for this as a substitute. I wouldn't normally opt for a mask on a daily basis, unless my hair is super damaged, but as I'd not bought anything else I gave it a go. I much prefer this! Again, smells delicious and feels silky soft on my hair - it left my hair feeling really soft and supple. It has argan oil, macadamia oil, tea tree oil and chamomile oil to really intensify the healing properties. I apply it after the shampoo as normal then leave it on while I wash the rest of my body etc before rinsing it off as a very last step. Really, really like this.

Macadamia Nourishing Leave-In Cream
By far, this is the star of the show. It's a texturising cream that you apply to damp hair before styling as usual. My hair, naturally, is pretty straight bar a few kinks at the ends however using this left it with a really beachy waved effect! LOVE. I'm not sure it's meant to do this, but I was so happy with the result. I forgot to take my hairdryer so my locks were constantly hair drying which I think helped with the natural finish (and gave my hair a nice break from heat). I've used it since being home, again letting my hair to dry overnight while I sleep, and I woke with easy beachy waves. They're not ultra wavy, but it gives a nice amount of texture and means less styling on the early mornings!

The other two items, the Macadamia Oil Infused Comb and their original Healing Oil Treatment, are just as wonderful. I've tried these back home and am equally as impressed. The Healing Oil Treatment isn't too overpowering and I've just been applying it to the very, very ends for a moisture boost. As for the comb - I love it, but Lords knows if the 'infused with Macadamia Oil' part actually does anything. I like to think so...

Have you tried anything from Macadamia?


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  1. I love the look of these products! I haven't tried anything from the Macadamia range xx