Wednesday, March 05, 2014

#NOTW: Ciate Snow Globe & Candy Floss

This week I've been sporting a couple of the mini Ciate polishes from their Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar (yes, way back in December - how long ago?!). I really don't tend to go for pink polishes much anymore - though my collection of them would suggest otherwise - I'm more of a nude or vampy kinda mani girl, but I thought I'd try one out for a change. I actually took inspiration from a colour Estee was wearing in a recent video but didn't have anything similar so went for a random pink shade.

Candy Floss was slicked on first. I'd like to say, before I go any further, how adorable is the name?! It screams summer, perfect for when the weather is still struggling to realise we're heading into spring. It's a true Barbie pink that I think every mani-holic needs at least one of in their kit. 

I then added a layer of Snow Globe - the true star of this week's mani, I'd say. Holographic pieces of glitter suspended in a clear polish - what's not to love? I first saw this as more of a Christmassy topcoat, but you can pair it with any polish and it'll adapt to whatever colour it is. It's the Chameleon of of nail polish world. I'd love to pair it with a navy, something like Essie's After School Boy Blazer, and have some lighter glitter particles. Over Candy Floss it stays quite clear but gives a subtle light-reflective quality when the light catches it. I only put one layer on as I didn't want to over do it... PAH, you can never overdo it on glitter.

I've said before how much I love Ciate polishes, the formula is great and all the ones I've tried apply really evenly. And these mini polishes are just amazing - seriously, who ever finishes a nail polish? You can still get the Mini Mani Month I had from Fragrance Direct for just £16.99!! Amazing.


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