Monday, March 24, 2014

All In One: Mii Cosmetics

I can't say I've ever been a huge fan of mineral foundation or mineral makeup in general so when the guys at Harpers Hair & Beauty asked if I'd like to try something from Mii Cosmetics, I was a little unsure. However, I've been putting it to the test and I think I might, just might, actually like it.

Before now, my only real experience with mineral makeup is my beloved Mineral Veil from BareMinerals - which is sadly coming to an end, boohoo - I use it every single day but as it gives no colour, there's not much room for error. I received the Beautiful Basics kit*, ideal for first timers! It contains the Irresistible Face Base, Radiant Natural Blush, two Exquisite Eye Colour as well as a kabuki brush to apply foundation and a double ended brush for the eyeshadows. Overall, an incredible little kit that covers all angles!

Irresistible Face Base in Precious Cream 02
I applied this over a primer as I was a little concerned it'd cling to dry patches - I assumed that being a powder product it couldn't give the hydration I need like a liquid one. I found it went on really nicely though and I don't think it was anything to do with the primer. I applied it using the kabuki brush which is nice but didn't blow me away. As I have no other brush suitable it's done the job well but I think there are softer brushes out there. Coverage-wise I was super impressed! I really didn't think it would look so natural and can see the appeal for every day wear. No, it didn't cover blemishes etc but for days when my skin is behaving itself, this is a nice alternative to something like a BB Cream/tinted moisturiser. It lasted well and I couldn't see any dodgy patches that had worn away through the day. It's still odd to use because it doesn't feel like I'm putting anything on, but that's just me getting used to it. Only minor problems are that the colour wasn't quite right for me, I think I'd need Precious Porcelain 01 - that's their lightest shade and I'm not the fairest of skins so I'm not sure how suited it'd be to the fairer-toned skins. Also, it makes such a bloomin' mess!

Radiant Natural Blush in Inspire 02
This little beauty, for me, is the stand out product of the kit. I absolutely love it! I think I got along with it much more because it's only applied to a smaller area and I use powder blushes on a regular basis which is the closest formula to mineral as you can get. The main thing I liked was the colour - it's exactly as the name suggests, a natural blush. Because it's mineral, it can be built up to the desired intensity which gives you so much control over the finished look. I used a Real Techniques Stippling Brush to apply it but I think a small blush brush would be better. Lasting power was great and because I'd layered it up, it wore off evenly. Overall - a star product that I definitely want to try in all the other shades!

Exquisite Eye Colour in Mesmerise 05 and Glimmer 01
These little troublemakers are super, super messy and fiddly to use. The pots are tiny and there's a little lid that keeps the minerals from getting all over the place but as soon as you lift it, you're met with a cloud of shimmer and powder - so do approach with caution! Mineral shadows remind me of my early teens when I was first getting into makeup and I thought Barry M's little pots were the shizz. Nowadays I prefer a pressed pigment of standard palette shadow but nevertheless, I quite liked the finished look. I first applied Glimmer all over the lid - I super sheer pearlescent shade that gives a pretty finish to the eye lid. Then I put some of Mesmerise along the crease. This is a really lovely taupe-grey that's super wearable and again, because it's mineral, the pigment can be built up from natural to super intense. This was definitely my favourite of the two but I did like Glimmer as an under-the-brow highlight, too. I used the brush to apply them which is really nice. It's a large brush so no lame miniature versions like you can get in eyeshadow palettes. There's a fluffy blending brush one end, and a liner brush on the other which I think would work great with the pigments dampened a little. Not blown away by the shades, just because I find them fiddly and the effect is anything I couldn't get with the other pressed pigments, but if you are already into your mineral shadows, definitely take a look at Mii Cosmetics because they are of very high quality.

Now, these products don't come cheap but the Beautiful Basics kit is very good value at £55. On their own, the foundation is £21, the blush is £17.50, each shadow is £17.50, the kabuki brush is £26.95 and the double ended shadow brush is £21.95 - so you're saving almost £50 by getting the kit!

I am really surprised by how much I enjoyed using these mineral products from Mii Cosmetics! No, they're not going to replace liquid foundations and pressed pigment shadows for me, but they're definitely an alternative that I'll reach for time to time. Although, that blusher is definitely getting used and abused from now on! As I said before, if you're a regular with mineral makeup - or even if you favour powder foundations - Mii Cosmetics is worth a look.

Have you tried Mii Cosmetics? Do you like mineral products?


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