Wednesday, March 26, 2014

100th Post: MAC Collection

So, I made it to 100 posts! How exciting! Not only that, but I hit 100 followers on bloglovin' too which is freakin' awesomes. I can't believe there are that many of you actual human beings wanting to read my beauty waffle - but you do, and that's so cool. So a big, big thanks to everyone who does read my tosh. 

How do you mark such an occasion, though? I thought of a few different posts - a Q+A or one of my many 'to-do' posts - but I wanted something a bit different. Unfortunately, the creativity didn't really flow so I decided to show you my ever growing MAC lipstick collection. After all, who doesn't like a bit of MAC? So without further ado...

My love for MAC lipsticks started during my first year of university. At that time, I was a nude-whore. No, not like that. Nude lipsticks were all I wore and, like many, I went through the inevitable Myth phase. Yep, Myth was my first ever MAC purchase and I still have it to this day. Not really out of nostalgia, more so because I came to my senses and moved on - but not before running it to the ground.

The Nudes

L-R: Luxe Naturale, Myth, Pure Zen, Hue, Creme Cup, Twig

Luxe Naturale is from the Mineralize Rich range which came out around this time last year. I kind of put it to one side for a while thinking it didn't suit me, but as my skin is paler now it kind of works better. I reviewed it here. Next, Myth. Ohhh, Myth. We had a long, long love affair but unfortunately it came to an abrupt end when I realised just how cakey it looked. Fond memories, though and you can see just how loved it was. Pure Zen is another rediscovery. Again, when I first got this in the Marilyn Monroe collection I didn't feel like it suited me but I've fallen in love with it! It's easy to wear and just sheer enough. Hue and Creme Cup are like distant cousins. Hue being a sheerer version of Creme Cup. Hue is very sheer but super wearable and Creme Cup is a really pretty nude-pink, love both. Finally, Twig. This purchase was kind of forced upon me by a sales assistant at Las Vegas airport. I wanted a my lips but better but this turned out to be a little deeper. However, it became my go to during the autumn - the browny pink shade is very everyday and screams bonfires and falling leaves.

The Pinks

L-R: Nicki 2, Snob, Chatterbox, Girl About Town, Flat Out Fabulous

First up, one of the scariest shades in the bullet - Nicki 2 from Nicki Minaj's Viva Glam collection. I adore this! But really have to be in a brave mood to sport it. Oh, and the sun needs to be beaming down. You can wear it really intense or easily sheer it out - which is what I like to do. Next to that is Snob, a similar shade but with more pink in it. Snob was one of my earlier MAC purchases and I wore it to death at the time - that obsession is still lingering just waiting for summer. It's just such a beautiful lilacy-pink! Then we have Chatterbox. One of my best friend's bought me this but I've not really given it a good test drive yet - I think it needs to be paired with a tan as it's quite a cool-toned pink. Pretty, though. Girl About Town was completely and utterly a Tanya Burr fuelled purchase. I had a number of fuchsia lipsticks in drugstore versions but wanted something similar in MAC... and so GAT was added to the lineup. Finally there's Flat Out Fabulous. I practically sprinted to the MAC counter when I saw Kandee Johnson's swatches of the Retro Matte shades. This is a beautiful purpley-pink, quite magenta. A little difficult to wear as it's so matte but the colour is just so pretty! Reviewed here.

The Reds/Oranges/Purples

L-R: Talk That Talk, Rebel, RiRi Woo, Love Goddess, Lady At Play, Vegas Volt

Talk That Talk is possibly my most vampy shade. And still kind of terrifies me a little - I think it's the Retro Matte finish because it can be such an effort to make them work well. The colour is crazy beautiful, but I just need to grow some kahunas and rock it like Rihanna would. Rebel however is like TTT's more sensible sister. Rebel is possibly my favourite MAC lipstick of all time - bold statement, but true. It's just the most perfect plum shade that I wear day in day out in autumn/winter - seriously, no MAC collection would be complete without Rebel. Flitting back over toe Rihanna now for her first release - RiRi Woo. I jumped right on that sexy bandwagon and snapped this up before you could say Rude Boy. It was my first ever dabble into MAC mattes and although I don't wear it all that often, when the time is right this is slicked on for instant glamour. I think it's the same as Ruby Woo so if you missed out, try that one. Another Marilyn Monroe collection piece, Love Goddess is also really well loved. It glides on effortlessly and the slight pink in the shade makes it a little more relaxed than if it were a full vibrant red. Going onto something a little more orange - Lady At Play is another Mineralize Rich lippy and really not worn enough. I'm not sure if it suits me all too well which is a shame because the formula of these is so buttery and soft I just want to wrap my smackers in it all day err'day. It's an orange red so definitely more for summer. Last but not least, Vegas Volt. Another Las Vegas airport purchase but one I had my eye on for a very long time. I expressed my love for this orange shade recently here.

So there you go - an essay worthy rundown of all the MAC lipsticks I own! Seriously, I didn't think it'd be that long - my university lectures will be proud.

I'd love to know which of the ones I have you share a love for... and of course, let me know what I need add to my collection next. I've had my eye on Peach Blossom and MAC Red for a long while now... what do you think?


Update - I've just realised I missed out two of my most recent purchases! A Huggable Lip Colour and one from the standard range... oops.

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