Friday, February 21, 2014

Winged Liner: L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim

Winged liner is pretty much my thing. It's a very rare occasion that I'm not seen with a slick of glossy black on my lids, it's kind of like my war paint.  Now, that's not alway been the case - I will always remember being desperate to wear liquid liner when I was around 14. I'd seen one of the 'cool girls' at school wearing it... let's just say I look less cat like and more panda like by the end of it. 

After that I stayed well away from it until I decided to try again and learn to master the art of a winged liner. Now? I've got it down to a T.

With years of trying different products - liquid, pencil, pen, gel - I've been repurchasing one product in particular over and over because I've not found anything to replace it. The L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim is my partner in winged liner crime. I've favoured pens over liquid for a while because I feel you have more control, they're less wet and dry much quicker. As for gel, well it's just messy and annoying having to clean a brush every single time.  

The Super Liner Perfect Slim is long and tapered to a really fine point - this allows me to create a really fine line or build it up to something a little heavier like I've done above. I start by lining the top of my lashes, then draw a triangle at an angle towards the end of my brow before finally filling it in. The pen is firm enough to keep control but is slightly flexible so it doesn't tug on you eyelids - a very delicate area. Pens are so easy to use, I find pressing it into the lash line as opposed to pulling it along is best for first timers as you can take your time, stop if you need to, and carry on without an unnatural finish. If you want a more in depth tutorial on winged liner, let me know!

Over all, I can't rave about this enough - I go back to it time and time again because I just know it works. Get it, you won't look back.


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  1. Loving the Superliner range from L'Oreal, they're the first felt tip-type eyeliners I've liked enough to ditch the liquid liner. Lovely flick by the way, very well executed! x