Sunday, February 23, 2014

Review: Batiste XXL Plumping Powder

Many of us know Batiste for their impressive dry shampoos - in fact I think my first dip into the world of dry shampoos was a Batiste shaped offering - but not everyone knows of their styling product, the XXL Plumping Powder.

These volume-inducing powders aren't really anything new, but they have taken the drugstore by storm recently. The first I tried, and became obsessed with, was from Label.M and it became a firm fixture in my night out regime at university. I loved it, but it was pretty pricey. The Batiste offering however is much more purse friendly at just £3.99! 

Essentially, you shake the powder into your roots, rub it in a 'juuj' up your hair to give it an instant volume boost. Does it work? Hell yes! Does it stay around? Kind of. The beauty of these powders is you can 'juuj' your hair randomly through the day and give it a lift. The main reason I've favoured the XXL Plumping Powder is because it doesn't irritate my scalp, leave it feeling itchy or leave some weird residue in the roots, it simple does it's job. Which is unlike it's dry shampoo sister, the dry shampoo XXL leaves my hair feeling horrid, despite doing an awesome job.

If you want serious volume at the roots - the Plumping Powder is your guy.


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  1. The XXL dry shampoo is terrible for leaving residue! But I do love the results so I'll definitly give this a go