Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: 19-02-2014

I may be loving life on the slopes right now but there's still a few bits that have caught my eye recently...

Zara Sweatshirts £19.99
Oh Zara, you do this every week! These sweats are just so amazing, they remind me of something from Whistles but a third of the price. They've look great with jeans now or cute shorts in the springtime - see, multiseasonal. I just adore these and may have to pick them up when I return.

Laura Mercier Enlightenment Palette £42.50
The spotting of this came on a browse of Space NK's 'New In' aka the most dangerous place on earth. It immediately caught my eye because 1) it's a palette and 2) the packaging. Decent reasons, non? Other than that the colours in this eye and cheek get up look so wearable and perfect for every day. Definitely tempted my this little beauty.

Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio £69.00
Yep, a double whammy from Laura Mercier this week but this has been on my list for months and months - I think I asked for it for my birthday but it was sold out everywhere. The travel case is so perfect and has different sections and pouches to organise all those beauty bits properly. I can't explain how much I want this! The bits of makeup are just a bonus.

Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturising Mask £14.50
I've been stalking this for a while now and have it bookmarked ready to do but just need a push to buy yet another face mask... however, I'm yet to find the perfect hydrating mask and think Bioderma could deliver that. Not a bad price either.

Nikon Remote £7.89
Not beauty itself, but kind of related... well, I'd like this for taking pictures for my blog. Taking selfies on timer isn't really that ideal and can take ages to set up, press timer, then run back in position - awkward. A cheeky remote would make things a thousand times easier and it costs less than my damn foundation.

What's on your wishlist this week?


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