Sunday, December 08, 2013

Clothes Show Live 2013

Having not been to The Clothes Show for a fair few years, when I got the chance to go this year I jumped at the chance. I'd been an avid attendee since I was 12 so was already familiar with how the event works but was pleasantly surprised at the latest additions - namely the Beauty Hall.

The Beauty Hall was, obviously, my first port of call and jeeez there are some real bargains! If you're going at all before it ends on Tuesday, there are a few stands you must visit. 

I was so surprised to see a Clarins stand at The Clothes Show! They have some really good bargains - several kits ranging from around £8-£15 made up of skincare and beauty products. I picked up a 'Pink Lips' kit for £10 which has a lipstick, lipgloss and cream blush and a kit with a kohl liner, another lipstick and a beautiful bronzer which was just £12. All the beauty products are full size and really nice shades - nothing unwearable which is really impressive. I can't review these until after Christmas as my boyfriend's bought me them as a present - but take my word for it... definitely worth a look!

Models Own
One of the cult stands for The Clothes Show and boy, do Models Own have a good deal this year! For £10 you can get a bag filled with three liners, a nail file/buffer, a Clothes Show exclusive sequin polish plus three polishes of your choice and a few other bits! Seriously, this is amazing, even if it was £10 for the 3 polishes I'd be pleased but you get so much extra too. I'll have review of the polishes I chose next week as they're from the standard line so can be bought at any point.

Normally anyone offering to demo a product on me puts me right off and I'm quick to scurry off - however, when a lovely lady asked if I'd like my lashes curled, I had a change of heart. I'm a huge lash curler addict, my Shu Uemura pair are pretty much a second skin, so am always looking for new products. The EyeCurl is a heated lash curler - something that came around years ago but was never very effective. But this one works insanely well! Seriously, it took 10 seconds to curl and they lasted all day! I think they're selling them for £12.95 as opposed to the normal £16.95 so head over, get an demo and see for yourself how awesome it is.

Missed out on Ciate's Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar? Or thought it was too pricey? Get the Sephora edition for just £25 here! I was umming and ahhing about it but gave in because it was just too good of an offer to miss out on. They also have some great offers on their nail art kits (caviar, sequin, feather etc) so any nail addicts need to head this way too.

As for the fashion halls, I wasn't a huge fan. I find a lot of the clothes are like market stalls which is a shame. There are a few decent brands - Ragged Priest, Glamorous, Bill + Mar - but nothing that blew me away.

However there was the most delicious toffee flavoured vodka called Thunder - so, so good!! I'm just gutted I forgot to pick up a bottle - it would have gone down wonderfully over a board game at Christmas.

The catwalk show was really special, being the 25th anniversary I would expect nothing less. I managed to take a few snaps but it doesn't really do it justice...

I also spotted a few familiar faces on one of the smaller catwalks - the Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model girls were all working it wonderfully, including this year's winner Lauren - my fave, shh.

All in all it was a really great day and I wish I'd picked up more beauty bits and pieces! Have a wonderful time if you're going - it's on until Tuesday 10th December and I think you can still get tickets on the day.

Have you been to the Clothes Show before?

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