Friday, November 29, 2013

Review: Batiste Monochrome

Dry shampoo has been my best bud for a long, long, while. Quick, easy, fuss-free hair? Yep, that'll do. However, most leave a rubbishy white cast on my dark hair... until now. A new offering from Batiste has come to the rescue.

The new 'Monochrome'* from Batiste is their latest scent offering claiming to be 'striking and spicy' and I think I agree. I find it quite musky and manly, which I like, so it's a nice change from their more flowery scented releases which don't really appeal to me.

In the past, I've tended to be put of Batiste because of the severe white cast it leaves on my hair but I've still used them simply because I don't really like any others. However, Monochrome (despite what it's name would suggest) leaves no residue at all and comes out pretty much invisible. I was really impressed by this as I know it's something that bugs a lot of people. I usually use the one for brown hair, which is a darker powder, to avoid that issue but don't like the scent and don't find it as effective as this.

Does it work? Yes, Batiste's formula never really disappoints. It soaks up all of that nastiness and it lasts all day. There are so many days I really can't be bothered to wash my hair - right, girls? - so a quick spritz of this saves me a world of trouble. And effort. 

My usual Batiste buddies are, like I said, the one for brunettes and I've been know to get a little carried away with the XXL Volume on nights out too. But, I think Monochrome will be a welcome addition to the line up!

It's available in Superdrug and Boots, as well as various supermarkets, so you can normally get it on offer but the standard price will be around £2.99 for 200ml. Bargain.

What are you favourite dry shampoos?


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