Friday, November 08, 2013

Review: OPI San Francisco

When I first heard that OPI were doing a San Francisco collection, I was super excited because it's one of my favourite places on earth. I went there when I was around 16 as part of a family tour around California and fell completely in love with it's homely vibes filled with coloured buildings and yummy breakfast places.

I'd seen swatches of the collection online but with so many to choose from, there's a whopping 15 in the bunch, I couldn't make up my mind about which to pick. Within the collection there's  aselection of cremes, metallics and a couple of liquid sands, too. The colours are all very autumnal and you can clearly see where the inspiration for each one came from within the city. So, when BuyaPowa listed the mini collection in it's co-buys I couldn't miss out on that offer. I got it for a sweet £8.95, it RRPs for around £13.95 depending on where you buy it (click here for a cheaper find!). I do kind of wish they'd have substituted one of the metallic shades for one of the blue creations to give it a bit of variation but I'm still chuffed with it.

In this kit, you get four little bottles: First Date At The Golden Gate, Muir Muir On The Wall, In The Cable Car Pool Lane and Peach & Love & OPI. I love the mini collections OPI do because, after all, who ever finishes a bottle of polish?

First Date At The Golden Gate This is literally the perfect shade to represent the Golden Gate Bridge! It's the perfect combination of red, rust and orange that beautifully epitomises the construction. On foggier days no, it's not as vibrant as these but, if you catch it in the light, this is the colour you'll see. I can see myself wearing this throughout the year.

Muir Muir On The Wall It was so, so hard to capture the colour of this correctly. It's a shimmery plum/grey shade that's much deeper than Peace & Love & OPI. A beautifully sophisticated autumn shade that'll look the bomb on short nails whilst wrapped up in every hat, scarf and glove combo I own.

In The Cable Car Pool Lane This is my second favourite in the bunch! I don't own a purple shade like this, mine tend to be way more pink or a much deeper purple. I think another layer (there's 2 in the picture) would deepen it up even more but I really like this lighter shade. It's something different to the standard burgundy/navy trends you see through autumn - something that'll let me channel a girlier look.

Peace & Love & OPI This... this is by far my favourite of the bunch. I have never owned anything like it. It's reminds me of an oil spill, when you see the rainbow prism effects as the light hits it. Sometimes you get a hint of purple, sometimes green, sometimes teal and sometimes just the perfect gunmetal grey. I think this is going to be the most unexpected favourite polish for me this season! I cannot get enough of it and I popped it on immediately after swatching this!

Also, if you'd like me to do a  post on what BuyaPowa is all about, let me know - I've found so many deals on there!

There are still a couple of shades I'd like to pick up; Haven't The Foggiest and Incognito in Sausalito being at the top of my list. I'm hoping one day I'll return to San Fran sporting a bit of Peace & Love & OPI during a stroll over the Golden Gate...

Did you pick any of these up?


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