Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

These are the bomb.

I could leave this review there, but I think a few more words on these beauties is justified. Say hello to the Maybelline Baby Lips. These have been coveted here in the UK for what feels like forever - we had to put up with rave review after rave review from our US bloggers about these until they launched recently over this side of the pond.

Now, during that dry spell of non-UK residency, I actually sought one out through eBay. I was desperate for one so I've actually had 'Pink Punch' for a long while. 'Cherry Me' was only added to this partnership a week or so ago. You can see how long they last because 'Pink Punch' looks good as new and I have had it for months!

They are such great lip balms - some of the best tinted balms I've ever tried... plus, they smell delicious! 'Cherry Me' is, as expected, a sweet cherry scent that makes me feel like I've shoved a couple up my nose for safe keeping. (Yeah, I said it.) Whilst 'Pink Punch' transports you to some Hawaiian beach sippin' on a cocktail with pineapples in your hair and passionfruit between your toes. It's super tutti fruitti and I love it!

Not only do they smell insane, they actually work. I've been reaching for these on lipstick free days to give my lips some much needed moisture injection. The colour payoff is only very slight but that's all you need - in fact, I'd say it's more than I'd been expecting. Also, that's not shimmer you see in the pictures, that's just the yummy glossiness you get!

A lip product that moisturises and looks pretty? Bang on.

You can pick yours up at various drugstores for around the £2.99 mark.

Have you tried any of the Baby Lips?


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