Friday, May 15, 2015

New In: The Body Shop (Vitamin C, Honey Bronze & Virgin Mojito)

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Vitamin C Honey Bronze

Y'all should know by now how much I enjoy a bunch of products from The Body Shop - I mean, I ramble about them enough - so you can imagine my excitement when a little parcel arrived full of some of their new goodies, right?! Right.

I've not fully trialled these so this is only a first impressions but thought I'd let you all see what's coming your way. Now two of these collections are already out and available to buy - the Vitamin C and Honey Bronze - whereas the Virgin Mojito range doesn't land until 2nd June. Just so we know where we are from the get go! 

Let's talk about the stuff you can go and get now... First up, the new releases in the Vitamin C range are the Instant Glow Enhancer* and the Glow Boosting Moisturiser*. I've tried a few bits from this range before and been suitably impressed so was very excited for new releases! For me, it's one hit and one miss I'm afraid. The miss is the Instant Glow Enhancer (£14.00) unfortunately. I had high hopes for this to give a glow to my face under my makeup but I didn't really notice too much difference. The texture is really smoothing which is nice and it smells like fresh oranges - it's also orange tinted although I haven't noticed a cast on my skin at all. Maybe my foundation went on a little smoother, but it's not been stand out. Now the Glow Boosting Moisturiser (£16.00) on the other hand I think I'm going to get along with really well! I've only used it a couple of times (trying to use up my current moisturiser) but I'm really liking it. It gives a dewy finish to the skin, smells yummy and really hydrates. I'll have to update more when I've used it in the long run.

The Honey Bronze range in general is something I've yet to dabble in - I've seen lots of good things about the bronzers and the shimmer oil I think it is. So this duo really excite me, the Honey Bronze Tinted Leg Mist* and the Highlighting Dome*. I'm yet to try the Tinted Leg Mist (£15.00) but so far it smells fairly nice, a little sweet, and the tiny bit I've put on my hand didn't come up too orange. I'll probably end up using it with a mitt though because I just can't trust something to be spritzed and left! The Highlighting Dome (£8.00) is a surprising favourite of mine though. I wasn't expecting to like it although it's a very cool concept - simply screw off the lid and draw the product on wherever you want it like some jumbo sized crayon. The colour I have, Bronze, is fairly nice although not with my skin as pale as it is. It really warms up the face and will look super pretty around the hair line and cheeks for a more intense holiday glow! There are two other shades, Golden and Pink, and I think I'd get use out of Golden on a day to day basis. I really like this so far, will do a proper review soon!

Finally the star of the show - a sneak peek at the upcoming Virgin Mojito* range! Oooh this stuff is yummy! Seriously, I think this will go down so, so well in June - perfect for throwing in your holiday case ready for some sunshine. It's limited edition but I have no details on when it'll be available until. It smells, as you'd expect, exactly like a Mojito all zesty and a little minty and the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet goes on so easily. I've had one of The Body Shop's Body Sorbet's before and really like popping them in the fridge on holiday to cool down my skin after a day in the sun. If the Body Sorbet isn't your thing there's also: Body Scrub, Shower Gel, Body Butter and the new Body Splash. I think the Virgin Mojito Body Scrub will be delicious.

Will you be snapping up any of these new releases?



  1. The Body Shop has been coming out with some amazing products lately x

  2. Mojitos are my go to drink so I'm super keen to get my hands on some of that range! xx

    Madeline | Madeline Loves