Sunday, May 17, 2015

Current Favourite Lip Combo...

MAC Creme Cup Rimmel Addiction

MAC Creme Cup Rimmel Addiction

If any of you follow me on Snapchat (username: missamyelinor) you'll more than likely have seen me wearing this lip combo on the regular recently. I'm loving the whole lip liner/nude lip thing right now and am making sure things don't get too Kim Mathers over here - anyone remember this?

To nail the 90s lip I think you do have to go heavier than you/'d expect with the lip liner and in the picture above it looks heavier than it would do in person. In person the top products blend to together a little more and, after all, I ain't no makeup artist who can create a perfect ombre! 

I first line my lips, slightly over lined on the top, with Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Addiction. I spoke about my love of this in a recent round up of Rimmel liners and it's been a staple in my handbag on a daily basis. It's creamy, long lasting and the browny-pink shade of Addiction is simply perfect. I don't fill in my entire lip just blend it in a little.

Then I go in with a hefty layer of MAC's Creme Cup. I've used Hue and Pure Zen for this but when I want a little more colour - not pure nude - I go for Creme Cup because it's got more of a pink undertone to it. Creme Cup is a Cremesheen making it glide onto the lips with ease and working with the liner really well too because it's so creamy.

The combo lasts fairly well but because it's nude it's easy to just top up the Creme Cup if things do wear a little bit.

Will you be trying this 90s lip combo?


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