Monday, March 23, 2015

Review: Clarins Multi-Active Night

I feel like I've done a few skincare-based posts recently so I promise I'll kick up the makeup-content more in the coming weeks! Although, as I always say - it's always worth investing more in your skincare because what's the point in spending £40 on a foundation if your skin is worse for wear to begin with?

Today I'm talking about a night time treatment from Clarins. I've expressed my love for Clarins many a time - I just think it's such a reliable brand that I've never been left disappointed by - so you're getting another dose of Clarins love. Clarins Multi-Active Night is a youth recovery cream from the range aimed at those around the age of 30 (I'm 24 but always take on things like this early). It's nice to see a range that bridges the gap between teenage acne and full-on anti ageing.  I've used a few products from Clarins Multi-Active range, for early wrinkle correction, and although they're in the pricier part of the brand, I've really enjoyed them all.

Multi-Active Night is a fairly thick cream that I've been using when my skin feels a little more dehydrated. I always use a serum of some kind but not always a cream on top but when I feel the need to, this has been the one I've reached for. I'm now fully out of this sample - boo hoo! - and definitely think I'll miss it in my routine. Despite it being quite a thick consistency, it soaked in really easily without feeling tacky. I haven't noticed any particular brightening of my skin from it but I know that things feel much less tight before I hit the sack.

Have you tried Clarins Multi-Active Night?


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  1. This sounds pretty good. I get very dry skin so this would probably help my skin a bit!

    Rachel Coco