Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So you're off to the drugstore...?

I'll be honest, this post is fully inspired by the babe that is Anna. I loved the topic of seeing what brands she opts for at the drugstore for certain needs and thought why not reel off my favourites? I'm more of a drugstore makeup baby than I am high end - mainly because my budget doesn't allow much more - but after shopping at the aisles of Boots and Superdrug since my early teens, I think I've racked up quite the opinion on what brands fare best for different needs.

Base... This is a toughie because I think high street/drugstore brands do so well when it comes to foundation. However I'm going to go with L'Oreal for this one mainly because of the beautiful True Match - a medium coverage with a dewy finish, just what I like. I've also recently taken a liking to the new Infallible 24H, it's early days but all good so far! The runner up? Bourjois. Hello, CC Cream.

Powders... So here I'm talking about setting powders and bronzers. It's got to go to Soap & Glory. The Kick Ass Powder is my ultimate fave for setting makeup and I'm loving the Solar Powder bronzer. I'm not big on drugstore bronzers but this one isn't too orangey and has two different shades in one little compact.

Primer... This is easy, Max Factor. I don't really rate any other drugstore primer so this is the only one I'd ever recommend really. Silky smooth, not tacky and no silicone in sight - love.

Blush... Considering how much I use it, I think it's got to be Bourjois. And the Cream Blush pots in particular. 01 and 02 are my faves that I use alternately pretty much every day and the powder formulas are a good alternative too. However, if you're definitely more of a powder fan, you really need to take a look at the new Max Factor Creme Puff Blushers.

Concealer... This tough because I have a few faves so it's going to have be a triple mention. For full coverage undereye dealings, the Kick Ass pot from S&G is perfect - I just wish the yellow toned one was sold on it's own because it's the only part I finish! If you're after some undereye brightening I go for Maybelline Fit Me and to highlight, it's got to be L'Oreal Lumi Magique. Phew!

Brows... Soap and Glory Archery without a doubt. The only drugstore offering I'm always pleased by, never disappointed and repurchased multiple times.

Mascara... Along with foundation, drugstore brands really do well at mascara. For me though, it has to go to L'Oreal (I think I seriously love this brand...) because it covers all aspects. Miss Manga is a surprising favourite along with Voluminous and Telescopic. I think there's something for everyone depending on needs. I just wish the Voluminous and Telescopic came in waterproof versions!

Eyeshadow... This is tough because in all honesty drugstore eyeshadows don't tend to blow me away but L'Oreal Infallible shadows are beautiful in texture and the Maybelline Color Tattoo's are worth a shout because they make great bases. I'm also reaching for my No 7 Shade and Define pencil a fair bit. I say there's not much but really, I listed a fair few there?

Lips... Ah another tough one! Revlon offer some great things, like the Lip Butters and the Rimmel Kate Moss range is great but it's Maybelline that has my heart. Color Elixirs, Color Drama Pencils and Color Sensational Lipsticks are all used so much by me depending on my mood.

Nails... Yet another header that I could ramble about for ages because the drugstore does well here too - Essie, Rimmel & L'Oreal are all worth a mention here but the crown's going to go to Revlon because I think I find myself getting at least one from each collection. The glitters are beautiful and the standard colour range is huge! All are opaque, last well and don't streak - plus you have the scented ones now too! Yum!

Am I missing anything from my list? What would you pick for each category?



  1. I really love this post! I love knowing what other people like from the drugstore, it's great to get some ideas for my next trip :) I really adore Soap and Glory too! x

    lissy @

  2. I love this post - and I loved Anna's too! So interesting to see what everyone else would pick! I absolutely love Bourjois, especially their cream blushes and I'm really keen to try out their CC cream which has yet to make its way into my basket - would you recommend it for oily skin?

  3. So glad you enjoyed this post, Lissy! :) x

  4. So happy you liked it, Carly! Yes I would, I really love it! You'll need to set with a powder but it's still do wonders :) x

  5. I've been loving the Seventeen Dolled Up mascara, recently is amazing for lengthening you lashes and it's so cheap. The LO'real Infallible Foundation definitely has my interest!

    xxx Claire