Sunday, March 22, 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Love & Lip Magic

I have to admit, when this little duo popped through my letterbox yesterday morning, let's just say my weekend started off pretty damn well. I've been a fan of Charlotte Tilbury ever since the brand launched, I don't think that woman can put a foot wrong, so I had an inkling the Lip Love* and Lip Magic* would be winners in my books. 

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Love and Lip Magic are some of her latest releases, they hit the shelves early February but I have to say I've not heard too much about them. Maybe it it's because they're not your run of the mill 'beauty product' but it's these type of things, lip scrubs and lip balms, that make the most out of all those pricey purchases in the first place. What's the point in splashing out on a fancy lipstick if the base is all flaky and dry? 

First off the packaging - every inch as Hollywood glamour as the rest of Charlotte Tilbury's range. I adore the rose gold, as so many of us do, and with such a perfect art deco design, they wouldn't look out of place slipped in the purse of a 1920's flapper girl. It's actually plastic casing which I guess some may be disappointed by but for me it means it's lighter to carry around in my handbag and better for travelling - no complaints from me. CT gets it bang on every time.

So to get some super kissable lips start off with Charlotte Tilbury Lip Love*. The scrub isn't too harsh, it's very gentle on the skin thanks to the natural sugar crystals. If you're a big fan of something like the scrubs from Lush, this may not be rough enough for you but I quite enjoy the gentle buffing it gives. Buffing in circular motions will get rid of any dead skin cells and smooth out the surface. I like that it's suspended in a balm too so that it already nourishes the skin before you even get to step two.

Speaking of step two - Charlotte Tilbury Lip Magic* - the balm is applied right after Lip Love. I really love this balm, it's super softening and easy to apply. The warmth of your fingertips will loosen it in the tub with ease and it's not sticky. It dries pretty matte too which makes it great for applying a lipstick right on top. Sure, I know some people don't like balms/scrubs in tubs for hygiene reasons but this is gonna be mine all mine so I'm cool with it.

Both products are made from beeswax and you do get a slight hint of a honey scent to it but it's very subtle and doesn't linger for long. There's also shea butter, olive oil and cocoa butter in there too so Lip Love and Lip Magic are packed with goodness.

I'll be using this two step before bed but if I know I'm going to rock a bright lip, I'll do it before I start my makeup so the balm has time to soak in. Lip Love is £20 and Lip Magic is £25 but you can get them as part of the Love Your Lips set for £40.

Will you be treating yourself to Charlotte Tilbury's Lip Love or Lip Magic?


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