Friday, January 02, 2015

Hello, 2015

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating whether it was in heels or slippers - for me it was a night in with some friends filled with one too many cocktails and a few board games. 

I'm not usually one for the typical New Years Resolutions, mainly because I never tend to see them through, but this time round I thought I'd give myself a few goals for 2015 - not resolutions, goals (I like to think that gets rid of any pressure...).

Up The Ante
I've been blogging consistently for almost two years now, despite it actually starting more like four years ago, and I really want to up my game in 2015. I've been sticking to set days to upload (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday) which I plan on sticking with but I want my content to get a little better. Things like more original posts over reviews - although they'll still stay - and maybe a monthly feature. I'd also love to invest in a new camera to get some better quality snaps, that Olympus PEN E-PL7 would be amazing!

I think this is something I always try to do each year but I'd like to get a couple more trips under my belt this time round. I already have my cousin's wedding in Spain in May and we plan to go back to Vegas in the summer but a couple of weekend's away, even just in the UK, to see somewhere new would be great! I love seeing new places, and have been lucky enough to visit a lot of countries already, but it's a big wide world out there - there's lots to see!

Work/Life Balance
I started in my highest role yet at work at the end of the summer in 2014 and the workload and pressure has definitely increased but in a way that I've been embracing. I never thought I'd be in the position I am within 2 years of graduating and this year things are set to get even busier and I really want to throw myself into it and excel. Saying that, I don't feel I did much socialising for the most part of 2014 so really want to make sure I see more of my friends, like organise something at least once a month, and get off my butt at weekends to see family or whatever. I have family all over the place who I'd like to see more of, too - London guys, I'm coming for ya! I think I'm still finding that work/life balance thing...

Keep Moving
I really upped my game in the fitness stakes this past 12 months and have felt so good for it but I can definitely push myself a little further. When I get into the swing of it there's no stopping me but I find it all to easy to slack off sometimes - saying that, I'm not giving up the chocolates, no way! As well as drinking a hell of a lot more water, I'd really like to drop a dress size this year. I don't go by weight because muscle weighs more than fat, y'know, and prefer to go off of how my clothes feel. Size 10 - here I come.

Stop Nibbling!
I couldn't go a year without a 'resolution' to stop biting my nails, could I?! This has been something I claim every single year but fail within seconds of the clock striking 12. Maybe 2015 will be the year I have beautiful, natural talons? Hmm...

A few extras...

A bad habit I'm going to break:
That whole nail biting thing...

A destination I’d like to visit:

I'm going to work harder at:
Seeing friends and family

A project I’d like to finish:
I'd love to do a scrapbook this year!

A class I’d like to take:
I've always wanted to speak Spanish fluently

I’d like to spend more time doing:
Blogger events!

A food I want to eat more of:
Fish, my other half isn't so much of a fan but I need to integrate it more.

I want to wear more:
Smart clothes out of work

What have you got planned for 2015?


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  1. You've set yourself some great goals. I hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you! I'd also like to attend some blogger events this year xx

    Ioanna | | Check out my 100 follower GIVEAWAY

  2. Happy New Year!