Monday, December 29, 2014

Most Popular Posts 2014

Hello, strangers! I hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas and that the festivities are still going on for most of you. I've been a little AWOL over the past week as I've been filling myself with chocolate, prosecco and indulgent Christmas films but I think it's about time to share the top three posts of 2014 - the three favourites that you guys have given the most hits!

At number three, my Balayage Part I: Bleach London Beach Lights post. Ok so there was never a follow up on that - because I get super bored with my hair - but it seems you guys were pleased with a review of the Bleach London kit I used! I haven't seen many reviews of it myself so hopefully I filled a gap for some of you.

Next up is the "If You Can't Eat It, Don't Put It On Your Face | Tropic Skincare offering. My first dabble into Susan Ma's brand and I wasn't disappointed! Some of the stuff used in my facial truly were magical - but I'm still yet to get the incredible under eye firming cream, noted. Seriously though, if you try one new brand in 2015, make it Tropic Skincare.

And finally the creme de la creme - Maybelline Color Elixirs & Color Drama. I think we'd all been waiting for the Color Elixirs here in the UK for some time so I'm not surprised my swatches pulled in a fair few hits! The Color Drama pencils are just as brilliant and I still adore them all - looks like more swatches and more Maybelline for you guys for 2015!

So there we go, a nice round up with an even offering of skincare, haircare and makeup. What's in store for 2015? Who knows! If there's something you'd like to see then comment below!


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