Friday, November 21, 2014

The Green Eyes Edit

When looking through my ever growing eyeshadow collection I can see a serious pattern over recent months - everything is very coppery, very bronze... very suitable for my green eyes. My peepers sometimes edge on blue but as they can look pretty prominent I do like to play them up quite often and really accentuate the colour. So holla at me green eyed girls - I've got you covered with my list of eyeshadows to enhance green eyes.

I'll go from left to right on the swatches, just to make things easier... first up, my most recent rave in the form of Max Factor's Excess Shimmer in Bronze. I'll let you read the review for the full deets on why this rocks but here's the low down. It's a deep bronze with flecks of shimmer running through it, the mousse like texture makes it super easy to work with and boy, this stuff does not budge!

Next up is a the latest addition to my Charlotte Tilbury collection - the Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet. Ohh baby this is so pretty. It has more of a red undertone compared to the Max Factor offering and a little more of a metallic finish. Coming in a stick form makes is crazy ease to use, the formula is creamy and really stains the skin to make it stick around. In actual fact, when I came to wash these swatches off, these first two - CT and MF - took three harsh washes to fade!

Taking things in a bit more of a ruddy direction we get to Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Metallic Pomegranate (review). I've been a fan of this for a long while now and there's good reason - it's beautiful. The shimmeriest of the bunch but definitely metallic over glitter, this Colour Tattoo leaves a gorgeous wash of cranberry that's ridiculously easy to blend out whether it be with your finger or brush. It's pretty much foolproof.

If you're not a fan of the metallic finish, this shade from The Balm's Nude Tude palette (review) could be your better option. Sexy is essentially the matte version of Metallic Pomegranate and boy, does this have some serious pigment! It packs a real punch in the colour department and blends like a dream. It works great paired with the Maybelline shade but also stunning alone. Work it into the crease or press it on all over the lid more a modern take on a smokey eye.

Now we're onto the more coppery tones, a little more orange and probably more suited to the spring/summer months. This summer I was pretty much hooked on my Collection Shimmer Shades Way To Go (review) palette because the orangey copper was simply beautiful. I loved smudging this all over the lid and taking it into the lower lashline for an Olsen-esque finish. Green eyes seriously pop with a shade like this and the rest of the palette works like a dream alongside it.

Last but definitely not least is a new favourite of mine from Maybelline - the Color Show in Copper Fizz (original post). This is a little more toned down and on the swatches seems quite pale but when it's packed onto the lids, you get s subtle wash of copper with a gorgeous copper leaf type of finish. It's really wearable for every day and a great option for someone who wants to ease themselves into copper shadows.

Don't get me wrong, these shadows are all so stunning I recommend them to everyone regardless of eye colour but if you have green/blue eyes and really want to make them pop, these are the types of shades you want. 

Have any of these caught your attention?


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  1. I've got green eyes and found that they looked their best when I was wearing bright purple eyeshadow for halloween! Clearly purple does make them pop but I'm not sure if I could ever pull it off everyday! xx