Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Odylique Silk-Touch Cleanser

I never thought I'd be someone who was really into skincare. I mean, as a kid I was literally forced to shower (because I hating the process of washing my hair) and the presence of any kind of face wash was baffling let alone other bits and bobs like moisturiser. I think at one point I used body lotion on my face - wow - and eventually started branching into something more suitable in my teens as my skin became blemish prone. Fast forward to now and my drawers are brimming with moisturisers, serums, spot treatments, face masks and, most notably, cleansers. So when I had the chance to try one of Odylique's new offerings, I jumped at the chance.

Odylique's Silk Touch Cleanser* (£18.00) is meant to hydrate the skin whilst being really gentle - perfect as my skin is seriously thirsty and can be prone to a bit of redness if a product is too harsh. It's a gel consistency that, when mixed with a little water, turns into a gorgeous milky cleanser. The gel feels a little like a primer and very, very odd when first applied - it's a little... plasticy? But don't be put off, it feels really nourishing on the skin and when you mix in the water it loosens up and turns milky. I use two pumps for my face which is more than enough. Odylique's Silk Touch Cleanser claims to be able to remove makeup but I found that a little bit of a struggle - especially mascara. It does remove foundation etc quite well but I have others I would opt for instead for that job. Instead, I've been enjoying this as a morning cleanser. It's super easy to use, quick and fuss free as you can simply wash it away with water as opposed to a muslin cloth or flannel - although those are my preferred methods to get a little exfoliation in there too.

Odylique's Silk-Touch Cleanser contains calming lavender which does come through quite strongly but isn't overpowering. I find the herbal scent really relaxing and soothing - like being at a spa! I also really like the packaging - it may be fairly simple and not very eye-catching but the plastic bottle makes it super light and travel-friendly. Overall a great little product and I'm really quite impressed for my first Odylique cleanser. I think I'm tempted by the Creamy Coconut Cleanser next - yes, coconut... duh!

Have you tried anything from Odylique? Will this tempt you?


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