Friday, July 25, 2014

My Jo Malone | Earl Grey & Cucumber

Jo Malone has always been one of those brands that was just too far out of reach for my budget. Sure, I'd wander over to the counter in Selfridges, test out every single one and gush over how beautiful everything was but owning my own bottle? I didn't think I'd ever get that! My love started when my Dad bought my stepmom her first - Lime Basil & Mandarin. This has now become her signature scent, whenever I get a whiff of it I think of her and all I wanted was to recreate that for myself. Have my own truly signature scent. Taking all that into consideration, you could understand my joy when my Dad gave me a giftcard to go and find my perfect Jo Malone fragrance for my birthday last year! 

When I went to the counter I was a little overwhelmed. There are just so many to choose from and so many combinations to really create a bespoke fragrance! I was with my friend Becky who was awesome at helping me make decisions and the sales assistant was so patient with me. She began by asking what scents I already like (Miss Dior, Badgley Mischka, Elie Saab) and began pulling out some combos. After a while of trial and error I settled on my favourite pairing... Earl Grey & Cucumber and Blackberry & Bay. So beautiful.

I only had the cash for one bottle so ummed and ahhed over which I liked alone before deciding to take Earl Grey & Cucumber (£82.00) home with me. It's so strange to think something that smells of tea is so appealing but the initial tea part fades away once it's settled on the skin and leaves a really grown up, musky scent behind. The cucumber keeps it fresh making it wearable for every day. I have to say my other half isn't a massive fan - he says it 'too grown up' - but I really, really adore it! Layered with Blackberry & Bay it creates my ideal Jo Malone combination. It takes it just that little bit further and makes me go 'ahh, yes this is the one!'. But it looks like I'll have to wait to get my mitts on that one - maybe for my birthday this year?

Jo Malone truly is a luxury fragrance but something I think every woman should experience. Going and picking your own scent that suits you and only you? It's incredible! Everything about Jo Malone screams elegance - from the simple names of the fragrances, to the beautiful boxes they come in and the simply stunning bottles that make my dressing table look a little more Parisian than it really is. It's just amazing.

Do you have a favourite Jo Malone cologne?



  1. doseofwardrobeJuly 25, 2014 9:11 am

    I've been smelling this one every time I walk past a Jo Malone counter! I really want it, it smells beautiful even though I don't like tea, but I do love cucumber! x

  2. I never thought of having a signature scent but I know I haven't found mine yet :)

    xx, M | Brunette In Black

  3. My friend said the same - she doesn't like tea but likes this scent! Jo Malone are very clever with their combos :) x

  4. I think when you find something - you just know. I love the idea of people going 'ah that smells of Amy!' haha x