Sunday, June 29, 2014

Skincare Sunday: Yes To face wipes

Face wipes. Face wipes. The word seems to churn stomachs in the beauty blogging world and to some extent I can understand why. It wasn't too long ago that my own skincare routine consisted of just a makeup wipe and maybe a slick of moisturiser - this was maybe a couple of years ago. Nowadays there's micellar waters, cleansing oils, cleansing creams, eye creams, face oils and moisturisers galore! So much so that many of my friends are baffled by the amount of products I use when they're close to getting shut eye.

But why are face wipes looked down on so much? Well essentially they don't really clean your skin well enough. Sure they get rid of makeup but a deep cleanse? Not a chance. Some can be quite rough on your skin as well and I've been left with sore and tight skin on a number of occasions. However, if you're happy to reach for them in a time of need then there are some that are gentle enough on the skin for the once in a blue moon usage.

My favourites of late have been from Yes To. Yes To is a brand that I first heard of from a couple of YouTubers, namely over in the US, so I thought it'd be impossible to get my hands on them here in the UK. However, a month or so ago I spotted the full range in Boots! I quickly snapped up a packet of the Yes To Cucumber Soothing face wipes and they were instantly a hit in my gym bag. These are really gentle on my skin, the wipe itself feels really soft and the cucumber instantly soothes the skin. You get 30 in the pack for £3.99 which is a decent amount. They don't remove every scrap of makeup, as I've said before I don't think any makeup wipe does, but for a pre-gym swipe enough comes off. There's no chance of waterproof mascara being removed though, mascara in general is a bit tough, but I'd always opt for a bi-phase eye makeup remover anyway.

The other week I found myself back at the Yes To counter but this time the Yes To Grapefruit Correct & Repair Exfoliating wipes came home with me. I think these are my favourites! The Yes To Grapefruit range is aimed at evening out the skin tone and brightening your complexion, I've looked at the serum and moisturiser before but am yet to bite the bullet. These feel a little more wet than the cucumber ones which I prefer and actually find they remove my makeup a little more thoroughly. They smell incredible! Seriously, super fresh and fruity and the grapefruit really comes through - I love that! Although these are listed as exfoliating wipes, they're not harsh on the skin nor do they feel rough. I'm not sure why, but you only get 25 in this pack for the same price of £3.99 as the Cucumber ones.

I love the packaging of these wipes, they come with a plastic click shut lid which is so much better than those rubbishy sticky ones - the click shut lid means they stay fresh and wet for much longer as there's less chance of them drying out. There's something about the click that is so satisfying! I also really like the fun and bright coloured packaging - really eye catching yet simple.

I'd never go back to solely using face wipes but for something like, as I said, a pre-gym cleanse or even in place of a micellar water before going on to use an oil or a balm cleanser these can come in really useful. I also think I'll be putting a pack in my beach bag for holiday to freshen up the skin or simply soothe it when it gets a little too hot. In other words... say "yes" to Yes To facial wipes!

Do you like face wipes? What are you favourites?


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