Monday, June 02, 2014

2-Step Copper Eyes

Apologies for my absence yesterday! This was meant to go up yesterday but Saturday ran away with me, the sun went down, and I failed to get the snaps in time - so, you've got it this morning, that's cool, right?

Rewind 12 months and my eyeshadow collection was far from vast. I'm pretty sure there were one or two that occasionally got some use along with a darker shade for when I pulled out (re: attempted) a smokey eye. Oh what a difference a year makes... I've been trying to experiment a little more with eyeshadows, trying to wear them every day and find out what colours suit me. It started with these MAC quad cherry poppers, oh and the delicious Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate palette, and now I've been pulling out some old products that have got lost in my collection.

This is the easiest eye look I could ever do, and after that spiel about being rubbish with this type of stuff, I hope it enforces just how simple this is. I've been edging towards more bronze shades as they're known for pulling out the colour in green eyes which I'm all for. MAC Mulch has been my go to but I really wanted something much more coppery in tone after seeing Ruth talk about a quad from The Body Shop. I rummaged through my drawers and pulled out this baby from Collection! I recall Lily talking about Collection's Shimmer Shades Way To Go way back but I just didn't get on with it as a face product. However, that copper one in the top right? Spot on.

Step One
I pack that copper shadow on all over the lid and blend it into the crease. It's such a beautiful tone, it has much more red tones to it which is what I was looking for and wears so well for something so cheap. The other shades are lovely too, good for a darker bronze colour and the lighter shades can be used as highlighters. It's such a good alternative to The Body Shop one and at just over £4 it's around a quarter of the price.

Step Two
I then like to take Mulch (top right in the quad) right in the outer edge and into the crease. MAC shadows are always brilliant and this is just as buttery soft and blendable as you'd expect. Mulch is more bronze than copper but still something I wear a hell of a lot. The copper is then blended into the bottom lash line a little along with Mulch on the outer corner.

I love this overall look, it's so quick and easy yet could be made even more intense for a night time look. For that I'd probably take the copper and Mulch under the eyes much more. For such a simple look, I sure have rambled? Apologies...

P.S. My skin looks terrible in the pictures above, I'm not sure why my foundation wasn't playing ball that day. Or my eyebrows. Oh and I wasn't a fan of that lipstick combo... Thanks God for the the eyeshadow!


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  1. Katherine AllanachJune 02, 2014 10:53 am

    You're so pretty! Love this look its gorgeous,
    MAC giveaway on my blog

  2. clairabelle0306June 02, 2014 3:19 pm

    Gorgeous, the brown shades really make your eyes pop :)
    xxx Claire