Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Ready Pins with Nad's

After having my legs hidden away for a fair few months over winter, it's safe to say things need a good revamp. I'm talking ghost-like skin, far from silky smooth and in desperate need of a good de-hair. Yeah, I said it. So when a few goodies from Nad's landed on my doorstep, I was simply sitting waiting for a chance to give them a go.

Today I'm going to chit chat about the Sensitive Hair Removal Creme* and the Ingrow Solution* - I also have the wax strips and hot wax but 1) I'm scared and 2) have no microwave to heat the wax pot... I've never been a massive fan of hair removal cream, it just never seemed to actually do anything - I'd just be left with this horrid residue and still looking like King Kong. However, I've got to say - this stuff really works! A layer of cream left on for 10 minutes did exactly what I wanted it to and you get a little pink sponge to exfoliate and remove the cream and hairs. The cream itself has little beads in it too so that further exfoliates the skin and means the hairs come away easier. Now, there is one big downside. This stuff stinks. Like seriously, it smells like rotten eggs and it hung around all day after I used it. What is it with hair removal creams smelling so bad? However if you can hack that, you're good to go.

Now the Ingrow Solution is by far my favourite! I've had something similar before but this is much more gel-like which I prefer. The green gel is used after shaving/hair removal to minimise razor rash and tackle/prevent ingrown hairs. I have problems with those under my arms but applying this for a few days in a row has really helped! I've also used it on my bikini line - ooer! It stings a tad but it really isn't anything to worry about and insteadnad's feels super cooling on the skin - I think that'll be the aloe vera and green tea extract. It's not sticky either which I really like meaning I can go about the rest of my day without having to wait. Seriously, every girl needs this for the summer!

What are you favourite ways to get your legs ready for summer?


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