Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Nail Picks 2014

Is it too early to be saying summer? After such darn good weather it feels wrong to say 'spring'... however, it is currently pouring it down outside soo, whatever.

When the sunny weather does finally decide to stick a round for more than one measly weekend, these are the kind of nail polishes I'm gonna be slicking on my digits to get those summer vibes going. No, I'm not heading to somewhere cool like Ibiza but I have faith that the Midlands will pull some sunshine out the bag and make it all worth while. Kind of.

Ciate Mango Martini (£9.00)

Ooft - doesn't that just sound delicious?! Yummy! I love Ciate polishes, the handle it super long and making it great for control and the formula is super thick and gel like. The colour is the epitome of a juicy mango, which I adore, and is more of a an orangey yellow then a pure orange. I have other shades that when put side by side with this, show that Mango Martini isn't as orange as you'd think. I like that about it though, I find it much more wearable and not so harsh. Plus, did I mention the name?!

Models Own Bubblegum (£5.00)
This bright beauty is from the Iced Neon collection - a selection of polishes housed in frosted glass that the brand recommends keeping in the fridge to stop the colour from fading. Bubblegum is super, super bright - like, seriously neon! I love it! This an awesome colour for your toes and really accentuates a tan. It wouldn't be right to not include a pink in this get up, right?

butter LONDON Fiver (£14.00)
Ahh this is an old school shade for me and saw me through a couple of summers already. Fiver is pretty much the perfect mint shade that's super creamy and durable. It can go on a little streaky because of the small brush, but doing thinner layers and waiting for each one to dry fully will do the trick. I particularly like this on shorter nails and also finishing it off with a matte topcoat looks really cute (seen here). I know many others prefer mints from Essie and Bourjois but butter's offering is the one for me.

Bourjois Bleu Fabuleux (£5.99)
Well then, this is pretty much my ultimate blue. Seriously, could this get any more perfect? A couple of layers of this on toes or shorter nails is just amazing. It's a super pigmented cobalt blue that I've used so many times it actually has a little gap at the top of the bottle - this never happens. I love these So Laque! polishes from Bourjois, the brush is perfect and they dry super quick. They're enriched with double the amount of vinyl so they're really hard wearing and are super duper shiny. I just adore this and cannot wait to wear it again! In fact... 

Essie Blanc (£7.99)
Another ultimate of mine - this time the ultimate white. I know white nails pull in mixed opinions but I for one adore them. I wore them constantly towards the end of last summer and it was this Essie polish that adorned my tips. It's just a great white that doesn't look like Tipp-Ex, goes on really nicely and doesn't have a strange streaky finish you can sometimes get with lighter shades. As always, the Essie formula is bang on so no complaints there. Just one of those things I think any nail polish fanatic needs in their collection.

Models Own Utopia (£5.00)
Surprisingly there's another Models Own offering in the line up - it's not that I don't like their polishes, I clearly do, but I don't have tons of them so I think it says a lot that these two I've mentioned must stand out. This purchase was influenced by the lovely Lily Melrose who has previously hailed it her favourite polish of all time. Utopia is the perfect off-white lilac polish that looks killer with a tan! It's a great alternative for anyone unsure on the pure white nails as you get the same effect but with a little colour to it. I adore bold lilac polishes and this pastel version is no exception. I seriously need to wear it more often.

So what's in your summer nail polish picks? Do any of the ones I've mentioned make the cut?


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