Wednesday, May 28, 2014

On Trial: The Verdict May 2014

So here we are, a few weeks after I first started my new feature On Trial and it's time to give you a run down of The Verdict for each product I took a closer look at in the month of May. If you want a recap of May's On Trial see it here, then head back. Right, shall we begin?

This was the one I was most sceptical about. Glittery tans aren't really my thing but this smelt so good that I couldn't not try it out. Verdict? Meh. I'm still unsure. It went on really nicely and the colour was great for a one day wash off thing but there was a little too much sparkle for me. Maybe I'll revisit this in the summer and see if I prefer it then - instead of pretending it's summer when it's actually on the verge of flooding... Seriously though - this stuff smells delicious.

This wasn't what I was expecting in all honesty. Not that it's a bad thing, just very different. I expected more of a gel consistency similar to other peels I've used like Elemis' Papaya Extract Peel but instead, this is very thick and creamy. It also has small exfoliating beads which felt very strange when putting it on but actually worked really nicely at exfoliating the skin. Yes, a little more abrasive than expected but it did work. It smells super minty which is brilliant as it left my skin feeling minty fresh and ready for the day. I preferred using it of a morning at the weekend as opposed to an evening treat. Would I repurchase? Not sure. But I wouldn't not recommend other trying it out.

Ooh this was one of my most exciting products and one that I really did a U-turn on how I felt about it! the first few tries really freaked me out - that bendy brush? Yeah, didn't get it. However, after manning up and embracing the 360 degree wiggle, I actually really liked it! It took a little getting used to as I couldn't put as much pressure on my lashes as usual but the overall look was great. It's really buildable too without being overly clumpy. I even picked up the waterproof version to try, which I adore but have issues with. More on that another time...

Ohhh this was such a disappointment! I was really hoping it'd be a super dupe for Bioderma/L'Oreal's offering and with the claims it's good for sensitive skin I had really high hopes. But, this really stung my eyes! It literally burned my eyelids when I tried to take my mascara off and the rest of my skin felt super tingly and horrid. Such a shame but it really was a colossal failure.

Let's end on a high shall we? This stuff is beautiful. I think I love it more and more each time I use it. the white cream transforms into a perfect skin-tone shade when applied to the skin and gives a gorgeous healthy glow to the skin. I've worn this under foundation and on it's own with a dab of concealer on good days and both ways it works brilliantly. Seriously, this stuff rocks. Go get it. Now.

What do you guys think of this feature? Let me know and if you do enjoy it head back in a few days when I show you what's On Trial for June!


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  1. I totally had the same experience with the miss manga mascara but I love it now! :)

    Jasmin Charlotte