Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Skincare Before The Snooze

So first of all I just want to point out that my routine isn't set it stone, this is just the things I'm enjoying using at the moment. Secondly, I'm no master of skincare, I'm still learning the ropes myself so I would never say this is the be all and end all! Moving on...

Following a cleansing routine - which I'm still not settled on - I like to pop a layer of The Body Shop's Aloe Protective Restoring Mask over my skin. This mask really is the star of the post I think, so ears open ladies! This isn't something I do every night, maybe 3 times a week in the winter, but it's such an easy mask to use that I find myself reaching for it more and more. You simply apply a light layer over the skin, leave it for 20 minutes, then rub it in and wipe off any residue that hasn't sunk in with a tissue. It's something I can apply in bed, have a browse on YouTube and not have to get out of the cosiness to get rid of. I've also found I've not had to wipe anything off because my skin just sucks up all the goodness and is left feeling super soft in the morning.

It's perfect for sensitive skin, does't have a strong fragrance and is super affordable - basically, it ticks all the boxes! Find it online for £12.00 here.

The rest of my routine it pretty standard (if anything I feel like I'm missing something...). I've been obsessing over my Kiehl's Deep Moisture Clarifying Cream ever since getting it in early December. It's such a soothing cream that has helped in injecting moisture into my skin throughout the night and into the next day. It soaks into my skin beautifully and my face feels refreshed every single morning - seriously can't get enough of this! Pick it up yourself for £41.00 here.

Continuing on with the Kiehl's obsession... the Midnight Recovery Eye cream is also doing something wonderful to my skin! Granted this is my first eye cream but I really can't fault it. You may be more familiar with the Midnight Recovery Concentrate, this is essentially the same thing but in an eye cream. It's helped with my dark circles, de-puffs my under eye area and instantly cools the skin when I apply it. I lightly dab it on right under the eye and up towards my temples - a little goes a long way (good news when it's pretty pricey!). As I've said before, investing in skincare is no issue for me as, in the long run, those creams are going to do more good to you than the layers of foundation and concealer! You can get the Midnight Recovery Eye cream online here for £24.50.

And finally, a swipe of my favourite overnight lip product - Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (aka. the one that does it all!). This is such a cult beauty product that generations of women will be familiar with! When I was first bought a tube of this as a gift years ago, I had no idea what to do with it and ended up throwing it away. Fast forward a few years and it's become my go-to lip treatment because it's so intensive. Ideal for the colder months but I use it all year round. It also means it's on hand to pop onto any dry patches, namely my elbows.  If you don't like the smell, you can get it in fragrance free! Grab the original here for £25.00 (I couldn't find the mini size I have, apologies!)

And that's everything! It seems a little sparse in comparison to other beauty bloggers but give it time, I'm sure it's expand.

What do your evening skincare goodies consist of?


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