Monday, January 13, 2014

Hydraluron Moisture Booster | A treat for thirsty skin

Oh winter, why you suck the moisture outta my skin so badly? Thank the skincare gods for Hydraluron.

It's true, since the temperature dropped, the moisture levels in my skin did too and it seems the only thing that's eased the problem somewhat is from Indeed Labs. Back in the day, the thought of my skin being dehydrated didn't even cross my mind - I thought it was either normal, oily, combination or dry - but in recent years (ok, months) I've realised my skin gets so damn thirsty this time of year.

Hydraluron Moisture Booster from Indeed Labs is something that's circulated the blogosphere for a long while now, it's hardly new, but my skin is definitely appreciating the recent addition to the daily routine. The serum instantly injects moisture and my skin just sucks it all up - a sign it's definitely an overdue addition. Since I've been using it - pre-moisturiser every morning FYI - going a day without it is impossible and I instantly notice the difference. It took me a while to latch on to the hype but it's so worth it. 

There's been many blogs talking about the ingredients, facts and figures but in all honesty, all I wanted to know is 'if it worth it?'. In a word, yes. It's taken around a month for the effects to show through but if you stick with it, you should not only feel a change in your skin but it'll appear plumper, too - I also noticed the the few blemish scars fade a fair bit as well.

It's not the cheapest product in my skincare stash (£24.99), luckily I picked this up in an epic Boots offer, but I truly believe investing in skincare is more productive and beneficial in the long run than forking out the notes for makeup. I actually need to get another tube - moving house seems to have sucked it into a black hole and I can't find it anywhere! Sad times...

Now all I want to do is get my mitts on the new Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks - let's just call it a late Christmas gift for my skin.

Are you a Hydraluron groupie like me?


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