Monday, December 23, 2013

Pre-Christmas Pamper with Lush Blackberry Bomb

The past few days have really caught up with me; with working straight through till Christmas Eve and getting all my shopping done in the spare time I have, I've been really worn out - not to mention a cold decided to tag along, cheers. So I thought it was about time I chilled out... this is where Lush comes in.
I was gifted this at an event last month and had been waiting for the right time to use it and be able to enjoy it - what better time to self indulge than when you're feeling run down?

The Blackberry Bomb* smells exactly as the name suggests - fresh blackberries, very fresh but with a little spa-like senses going on in the mix too. I think it's the bergamot and frankincense that gives that off. This was one of the first bombs they ever released and I love the retro embossing. It's just simple and does what it says on the tin.

Lush describe it as a bomb to give you clarity and calm your senses which is pretty much what my body was desperate for. It turns the water a beautiful rich purple and makes the water super, duper soft which feels extra indulgent in itself. I'm not a massive bubble bath lover or a bath lover in general so when I do take them I like them to be spot on - and this ticked all the boxes.

As is fizzes away you get a cute little slip of paper with 'Boom Boom' written on it - a little gimicky but cute nonetheless.

I only lay in for around 20 minutes but it was enough to do the job and enjoy the effects of the Blackberry Bath Bomb. It's only £2.95 making it a super affordable treat for yourself or as a last minute gift for Christmas! (Yep, still got that on the brain...)

I'm still a Lush newbie in all honesty so tell me, what are your top suggestions?



  1. I've read so much about this, it sounds so good. I need little pick me up- maybe I should try this then. Thanks :) x

    Heroine In Heels

  2. Lovely review! I have yet to try this! looking forward to the lil paper lol I definitely recommend the golden wonder bathbomb :) I have reviewed it on my blog if you would like to take a lil look, its from the xmas collection so you might want to get it asap before it runs out xx

    zara xx