Thursday, September 26, 2013

Review: L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mist

As a female who has to deal with fine, wispy, limp, lame (you get the idea) hair, argan oils tend to weigh it down and make my situation worse. Nevertheless, I've tried and tested the likes of Moroccan Oil, various John Frieda/Mark Hill/Toni&Guy combos but none of them seem to work the way they do on thicker-haired chicas.
However, the hair oil fairies answered my prayers - yes fairies, not angels - and brought L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil into my life. And this stuff truly is 'extraordinary'. Ok, maybe not, but it's one of the best I've ever used!

It comes in three different variants - coloured hair, all hair types and fine hair. I have the fine hair one. The other two come with a pump so you get more product however, the fine hair one is a spray bottle which limits the amount of product you put on your hair which, in turn, helps those fine locks stay alive.

Like most hair oils, it makes your hair super shiny and glossy without feeling greasy. The biggest selling point is that it's tailored for fine hair. I know Moroccan Oil do a Light version, but I've not tried it and at £9.99 the L'Oreal option is around two thirds cheaper. Although, it doesn't feel cheaper - the glass bottle makes it feel much more high end and it looks lovely amongst my other products!

Anyone else tried this hair oil? Or do you have a favourite of your own?


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