Friday, August 02, 2013

Review: RiRi MAC Hibiscus Kiss

It's safe to say Rihanna's collab with MAC has been hugely successful. Not only did the first release of RiRi Woo sell out in minutes, the second batch of limited edition products flew off the (online) shelves pretty much just as fast.

I can vouch for how quick it sold out because I was one of the ones who missed out on a couple of items because they'd already been snapped up! I was waiting by the computer all morning for it to drop but, low and behold, some had gone before I'd even hit refresh.

Although I was lusting after RiRi Heaux lipstick, that wasn't to be so I spotted this bronzer/blusher duo instead.

This is Hibiscus Kiss.

It's a matte bronzer with a coral pink blusher that seems, to me, to have an incy bit of shimmer. The 'RiRi' engraving is lovely and I really didn't want to use it and wear it down!

The bronzer isn't very pigmented to be honest, even on my fair skin I can't really see it unless I build it up. However, once it's built up it's great for contouring. If not, it's good for an all over colour as it's not shimmery so gives you a nice glow.

I was expecting it to be a bit darker but I have been using it and enjoying it so it must be doing something right!

The blush is super pretty and super pigmented! You really do only need a tiny tap on your brush otherwise you risk overdoing it on application. I'm not a fan of shimmer in my bronzers and blushers at all but you really can't tell there's any in this.

I really do like the blush, however I'm still getting used to wearing it correctly! I work crazy hours and get up practically in the middle of the night so I have to be careful when applying my makeup as it can be a bit heavy when I get into the natural daylight! So, this is saved for the weekends when I can eye it properly.

I think it's a great addition to the line but if I'm honest, I could have probably done without it and saved the pennies for something else. I think I bought it because I missed out on Heaux!

Saying that, I am glad I've got two pieces of the Rihanna for MAC range.

Swings and roundabouts, ladies!

Which items from the collection have you got? Do you have any favourites?

A x

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