Thursday, February 04, 2016

My New 'Do... Grey Fade

Well hi there new hair. *sassy hair flip emoji*

If you've not seen enough snaps on my new hair - snapchat me 'missamyelinor' - then here's your first glimpse of my revamped hair, the first step to getting a grey fade going on. This post might be a little rambly purely because I want to make sure I cover as many details as possible as I've had a few questions on how I got this, what I asked for etc.

So first off I go to Francesco's in House of Fraser in Birmingham and had a really lovely girl called Chloe do my hair. A previous dye job of a full head of highlights was well overdue and upgrade and, as you can see from the pictures, it had gone really golden and brassy. My hair naturally comes up with a lot of red tones in it so to get it ashy like I want, is a little tougher than your average.

First off Chloe put on an ashy brown all over my roots and half way down my hair to neutralise anything that had grown out and cover some of the golden highlights. Then, free hand, she put on the bleach ( I'm pretty sure she used bleach...) in the mid lengths and ends. The ends were covered in foil and altogether I was left under the heater for around an hour with 15 minute checks to see how the bleach was taking. 

As it was rinsed out, Chloe toned my hair to get rid of all the brassiness she could do which took around 5 minutes or so and then she added a rinse to it. I knew it wasn't going to go to grey straight away but the rinse would add to the ashiness and take as much pigment out as possible. I actually love the rinse, up close there are some lilac pieces where the blonde form before has taken a little more.

I'm in love with the finished look - it's just so hard to capture accurately in pictures! I think the toning and the added rinse has really helped get things as cool as possible. I'll be back in 6-8 weeks for another load and have high hopes I'll get that pure grey that I'm aiming for! I'm been recommended another toner in around 3 weeks so when I get my hair cut at the end of the month I'll have a toner put on then to freshen it up but in the meantime I've picked up the Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Conditioner to use just on the ends of my hair, leave for 5 mins or so, and rinse off each time I wash my hair. I usually wash my hair every 2 days so I won't be overusing it nor over washing and getting rid of that lovely colour.

I'm sure there'll be loads more hair colour snaps over on Instagram so make sure to hit follow to get a better look at these locks!

What do you reckon to my new colour?


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