Monday, March 02, 2015

Some new Montagne Jeunesse Masks...

So I've been a little AWOL this week - as I said on Wednesday I headed down to London to report on the red carpet at the BRITs for work and in all honesty, it knocked me out. I've spent the past handful of days recovering! All in all it was an incredible experience, one I can only hope I get to do again. If you want a little post on it, let me know!

Back to today, I got home from work on Friday to a little package of some of the new face masks from Montagne Jeunesse*. Montagne Jeunesse is one of those brands that takes me back to being around 13/14, having a bunch of friends over for a sleepover, and each trying a different face mask for a bit of a tween pamper night! I remember not really having a clue what any of them did but just finding us all looking hilarious with different coloured gloop on our faces! Nowadays though I'm a bit of a face mask junkie and love that Montagne Jeunesse have them in single sachets - it gives a chance to try different ones without commitment and, at £1 each, makes them super affordable.

I have three to try: Very Berry, Virgin Olive and Red Earth Clay Spa. Last night I tried the Red Earth Clay Spa packet - I'll test out the others in the coming days. Montagne Jeunesse Red Earth Clay Spa is a sheet mask, something I've only used once or twice, and comes folded up soaked in the creamy formula ready to be laid on the skin.

Sheet masks are weird - they have eye, nose and mouth holes cut out and tend to be massively oversized so I had to fold it over in places to get it to fit. It's really cooling when placed on but eventually starts to harden. It's not a stiffness that you get with normal clay masks but you can definitely feel it set a little under the sheet. It smells really fresh thanks to the Pomegranate with a little spice from the Cinnamon. It says to leave it on for around 10-15minutes but I had it on for nearer 40... PLL addiction probs.

When I took it off there was a light layer of dried clay on parts of my face so I rinsed that off and my skin felt really fresh. It looked a little brighter and didn't feel tight like some other clay masks do. I've had a couple of blemishes on my chin this past week and it drew them out so I could out my usual blemish treatments on them to zap them away.

Overall, it's a great little product that for a mere pound does a very good job!

Have you tried many Montagne Jeunesse masks?


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