Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Skincare Prep: BRITs 2015 Edit

What's that I hear you say? 'BRITs'? That's right - I'm off to the BRIT Awards today and I cannot contain my excitement! You may have seen a few of my tweets last week and a number of them today that I'm actually going with a colleague for my actual day to day job to report on the bloomin' red carpet! How exactly am I meant to handle being in the presence of T-Swizzle? God knows.

In preparation of such a ridiculously showbiz event I've been getting on the skincare prep to make sure things are looking fresh for Calvin Harris the night itself. 

First up was a good old scrub which, being winter, hasn't happened very often because let's be honest, it's cold and my legs aren't going to be on show. However, as I'd be slapping on some tan, The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach Body Scrub got whipped out. I love this one because it's super creamy and moisturising whilst having just enough grit to get rid of scaly skin. To inject a little more moisture, The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil Body Lotion's been layered on my entire body - winter weather sucks and my skin hates it but this lotion absorbs so easily and it smells incredible.

For tan, the following day, I've used BeautyLab Peptide Tanning Lotion*. I've had this a while and not had a chance to really put it to the test but I think I love it! It's a white lotion that has no colour to it, so not your usual colour guide tanning lotion, which sounds scary but I've never had any horrid streaky finish at all. It leaves my skin really soft, smells slightly citrussy and the colour is a natural glow - perfect

I desperately needed to deal with my face though because it was starting to suggest a wobbly was one the way so I automatically reached for a couple of holy grail's that I know get the job done. The Body Shop's Vitamin E Moisture Mask and Warming Mineral Mask. Mineral Mask first to deal with a few blemishes down my t-zone and chin and then a generous helping of the Moisture Mask, left for around an hour, to boost hydration. Seriously, this is the only thing that instantly shows a glow!

And I've just realised this is a very The Body Shop heavy selection... well, if the shoe fits.

I'll be heading down to London after my early shift at work and at the 02 Arena as of the afternoon so make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram for tons of pictures and videos and, of course, selfies.

Taylor - I'm coming for ya!


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