Sunday, November 02, 2014

All In One: MeMeMe Cosmetics (and 25% off!)

It's been a while since I did an 'All In One' post where I make up my face using the majority of a certain brand. Last time it was Clarins, this time MeMeMe Cosmetics. I was very generously gifted a large number of products from MeMeMe at the recent Fabb Events in Birmingham but have just got round to using most of them. There's bronzers, highlighters, shadow and a skin base... ready?

Under my foundation I have the MeMeMe Cosmetics Seventh Heaven Moisturising Face Base* (link). I'm unsure as to whether this is a moisturiser or a primer because it does have benefits of both those type of products in it. Enriched with Shea Butter, Vitamin A and scented with lemon, lime, orange and mandarin this is like good skin in  jar. I wouldn't say it improved the look of my skin but it certainly gave it boost, deeply nourished it and left it smelling heavenly! I adore the packaging - it looks very luxurious and could easily stand up against my higher end products.

To give me some colour I reached for the Goddess Rocks* (link). These take me back to my early teens and, form experience, I was quite cautious and light handed when it came to using these. They're not my normal choice for bronzer as it's quite muddy and shimmery but layered into the contours of my cheeks, it wasn't too bad! I think I'd prefer to use these as shadow though in all honesty.

The Dew Pot in Twilight Bliss* (link) has been used on the inner corner of my eyes as a highlight. The shade is a little like a frosted lilac which, although very pretty, isn't something I'd use on a normal day but as a highlight is works wonders! I do think it'd be great for brightening up a smokey eye though. The cream shadow is really soft and blends well - it also lasted all day which was very impressive as normally inner eye highlights disappear within a few hours on me.

Now onto my two favourite products of the bunch - the Shimmer Stack in Gold* (link) and Arch Angel Brow Gel* (link). First off the Shimmer Stack, how similar to Bobbi Brown's offering is this? In actual face I prefer the Shimmer Stack because it's not actually as shimmery as the name makes out. I've always been put off the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks because there's too much glitter in there for me but the MeMeMe Shimmer Stack is right up my street. This Gold one is great used as a cheekbone highlight, particularly the lightest shade alone, and the colours can also separately be used for eyeshadow. I'd be interested to see how the bronze one works as an alternative to the Goddess Rocks.

My favourite of the bunch? Arch Angel Brow Gel. I must have been a magpie in another life because I can't help but be drawn to highlighters and this is no different. A doubled ended product with a gel on one end and highlight on the other, this is a great two in one. The brow gel isn't so much a gel really as it's thicker than I'd expect. The brush is teeny tiny, similar to Benefit Gimme Brow, and did a great job a brushing my hairs in place. Is it my new favourite brow product? No, but I'm still pleased with it. The highlight however I have been obsessed with ever since getting my mitts on it a week ago! The doe foot applicator applies just the right amount and makes it easy to dot on to the skin. I love this under my brow bone and on my cheekbone - it's a cool toned highlighter that packs a punch in terms of pigment. I would buy Arch Angel just for this or, MeMeMe - sell this as a stand alone product! 

See anything you fancy? Well I've got a very special offer for my lovely readers! MeMeMe Cosmetics have kindly given me a whopping 25% off code for you guys to use. It's valid until November 30th so go have a browse on their website and grab yourself a bargain!  Simply apply the code mememe25 at the checkout. I know there's an Ultimate Eye Palette their Lip Creams with my name on it!

Happy shopping!


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