Friday, September 12, 2014

Top Three | Primers

I think it's safe to say that primer is a solid step in many of our makeup routines by now. Not so long ago I think they were seen as a bit of a fad that was unnecessary and, as they were limited especially in the drugstore, I think many people shrugged them off. I for one cannot imagine doing my makeup without some form of primer - whether it's to make things last longer, tackle redness or illuminate the skin - there's always something that can make things just a little be easier. Plus, it's not exactly adding much more time on to your routine. So, here are my current top three!

Monu Illuminating Primer* link
This is such a moisturising product. It has the texture of a moisturiser and sinks into the skin so quickly. It feels really smooth and gives an overall 'inner glow' without any hint of sparkles. I find my makeup lasts longer, blends better and overall my skin just looks healthier. I like using this when I'm feeling a little lazy and don't want the double step of the two products below. It has SPF 15 and you get a ton of product in there. I adore the design of Monu products, they look really sleek and smart and the pump just makes things a whole lot easier.

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Primer link
Ohh mama, this stuff rocks. I don't know what it is about it, but it just does everything I want in a primer. It's a light consistency that has a slightly tacky feel when applied to the skin - nothing annoying, it just helps foundation adhere and stay put much better. It feels a little odd when you smooth it over the skin at first because of the tackiness but you soon get used to it. The white liquid leaves no odd cast nor is it overly shiny. If you want your makeup to stay put, this is your winner. A seriously incredible product that I recommend to every friend and family member who says they need a primer. At £10.99 it's at the higher end of the drugstore but for how good this is, it's a damn steal.

Soap & Glory Hocus Focus link
This little one is a tad battered - the lid actually cracked so now I have the inner part keeping things safe. I've had this for a while not and seriously can't see it running out. I use it every day after the Max Factor one to give a gorgeous healthy glow to the skin and illuminate it. It's fairly warm toned so perfect for summer months or those of us with naturally tanned skin all year round (lucky so and so's!) and has no glitter or sparkle, just sheer illuminating properties. I also like to dab this on my cheekbones as a last step in my makeup as an easy to apply highlighter that's great for day to day as it's not too in your face. Seriously, awesome stuff.

What are your favourite primers?


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