Monday, August 18, 2014

YSL Rouge Volupte Nude Beige

Luxury beauty is something I'm not familiar with, not really. Sure, I gawp at the counters and swatch till my hand looks like a colouring book, but I can never really justify spending that amount on beauty. Don't get me wrong, I love me some beauty but I'm also on a budget. Saying that, there are the odd occasion I like to treat myself and this time it was YSL. My first YSL.

I'd always loved the look of YSL Rouge Volupte - c'mon that packaging?! Bloggers across the web snap beautiful pictures of these gorgeous lipsticks and I couldn't wait any longer to get in on the action. So at the airport before we flew to Pula, I bit the bullet and treated myself to a YSL Rouge Volupte. After a while umming and ahhing over which to get, I settled on 1 Nude Beige. When I got my first Chanel lipstick I made the mistake of getting a really vibrant shade that I hardly ever wear so this time I went for something I could enjoy on any occasion. I mean, if I'm going to spend £25 on a lipstick I want to be able to actually enjoy it, right? 

Nude Beige is like my perfect nude, it has just the right amount of pink it and has kind of that typical 'my lips but better' quality to it. The formula is incredible - super silky and glides onto the lips effortlessly. It's also much more pigmented than I was expecting which I'm pleased about. It doesn't wash me out and looked great on holiday when I'd got a little more colour. The staying power isn't quite as good as I'd hoped. Because it's so silky soft, it does come off quite easily when eating and drinking although I'd expect it's a little better with the darker shades in the collection. 

Will this be my last YSL Rouge Volupte? Hell no. I already have my eye on Peach Passion and Rose Opera! 

What do you think of this shade?



  1. This is such a lovely colour on you! I am obsessed with lipsticks but am yet to find my 'my lips but better shade' and am always on the look out for THE perfect nude. I've not yet ventured into the beauty world of YSL either, but after reading this post you're tempting me in!

    Bec :)

  2. I don't think me hunt for the perfect nude will ever be over but this does come pretty close! Thanks for stopping by, Bec! :) x