Sunday, August 17, 2014

Current Shower Routine

Happy Sunday everyone! Ahh, the day of rest. This weekend is filled with visits to my parents who I've not seen since getting back from holiday. Last night we went over to my Dads for a yummy evening meal and today we're off to my Mom's for Sunday lunch and homemade Lemon Meringue - delicious. Anyway, onto today's post...

We all gotta keep clean. Yep, shower time isn't necessarily the most glamorous of all the posts I've done but I thought I'd share my routine nonetheless. It's not elaborate, it's not filled with luxury products, but it does me just fine.

I begin with washing my hair - my current favourite combo is the new L'Oreal Elvive Fibrology. I raved about this not long ago and it's still doing so much good to my hair. This is my second batch! It thickens my hair like no other shampoo and conditioner does and leaves it silky soft. I've recently picked up the masque in the collection so I'll get back to you on how that goes. I like to leave the conditioner on for the rest of my shower to give my hair an intense condition.

Next up I tackle my face. I shower at night during the week as I get up so early so I like to make sure my face is super clean before sleeping. I've been really enjoying this face scrub from Neutrogena - Visibly Clear Pink Grapefuit Daily Scrub. I don't use it daily, maybe twice a week, but it is definitely gentle enough to do that if you wanted to. It smells incredible - so zesty and uplifting - and leaves my skin really soft. The exfoliating beads are quite fine but not densely packed so it's not harsh on the skin which I like as I've been known to get a little heavy handed with the whole face scrubbing!

Body cleaning. The dullest part of my shower and for me it's all about practicalities. First, let's get the elephant in the room out the way. Femfresh*. We all gotta keep ourselves clean and this stuff balances the ph levels for us ladies. It's has no fragrance - just does the job. Let's move on, shall we? I wish we were moving on to something a little more exciting but, as I tend to get mild eczema now and then, Sanex is as exciting as it gets I'm afraid. I need to use things that will irritate my skin the least so they need to be as natural as possible otherwise I'm scratching at my legs like a crazy person! Sanex Zero does the job perfectly, it has no fragrance and no nasties and my skin always feels best when I use this. Sometimes I use something like The Body Shop Satsuma shower gel, if I'm feeling a little bad ass, but more often than not regret it. Once a week is ok, but regular use just doesn't do me any good. If you have any natural shower gels you could recommend that are a little more exciting I'd be very grateful.

And finally, the last step is to tackle the hair. The most laborious task any woman has to go through. Fortunately, this Gillette Venus and Olay Sugarberry shaver combo makes it a little easier - it has soapy pads either side of the blades to make everything a little smoother and leaves my skin silky soft. A rinse of my hair and I'm all done!

Thrilling, right?



  1. I really like that razor it's a good one. My gran has really sensitive skin/psoriasis and she likes the e45 shower gel or the aveeno oatmeal one as they are both soothing! I quite like the aveeno ones myself as they make the skin super soft x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Hi, Jasmine! Ooh the Aveeno one sounds nice, I'll give that a try! thanks :) x