Friday, August 29, 2014

Review: Monu Eye Cool Gel

My hunt for a perfect eye cream appears to be never ending however, one little bottle has halted the search somewhat in recent weeks. I shared some love for a different Monu eye cream not so long ago and when the guys at Monu read I wanted something to tackle dark circles, they sent me over the Monu Eye Cool Gel* to try. Babes.

Monu Eye Cool Gel is very different to the other Monu offering - it's a clear liquid that instantly soothes the skin and is even better when stored in the fridge before use. I've been using this each night before the rest of my regime, an itsy bit smoothed under the eyes and have to say I have seen a difference. It's not monumental but the dark circles under my eyes - mainly from lack of sleep - are definitely less prominent than they were.

It's not sticky nor does it leave my skin feeling sticky of tight, it's extremely soothing and a pleasure to apply just before bed.  My only gripe? The damn pump, again. I had the same problem with the other eye cream from Monu - it's just too powerful and disperses way too much.

Overall impressed though. Is it my perfect eye cream? I'm not sure, but it's doing a pretty good job of easing the shadows at the moment! Normal price is £21.95 but it's currently in the Feel Unique sale here for £17.56!

What are you favourite eye creams?


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