Monday, February 17, 2014

Perfect Contour with Daniel Sandler & NARS

I picked up the Daniel Sandler Waterbrush in the Feel Unique sales after it had been scrawled on a piece of paper filled with 'To Buy' items for months. However, when I got it I couldn't remember for the life of me who had recommended it and what they used it for! After some trawling through YouTube and a sneaky tweet to the lovely Daniel himself, I figured out it was the gorgeous Amelia Liana who'd had it in a Favourites video to use with Daniel Sandler's Watercolour Blush. Now, I didn't pick up the blush but Daniel suggested trying it to contour.

What a guy.

This is transformed the way I contour and made it ridiculously easy! The brush it very slim, slightly tapered and quite dense and firm - all in all, quite an odd conception, but for accurately carving out those non-existent cheekbones it's a gem.

There's no need for an over complicated explanation of how I use it, I simply take some NARS Laguna - my holy grail bronzer - on to the Waterbrush and 'stripe' it down into the hollows of my cheeks. I keep it quite high and just use a one way motion to build up the colour. Because of how narrow the brush is, it slots perfectly into the contours of the cheeks making it super easy and super fast - even for someone like me who is a complete nonce when it comes to creative contouring. I then use my foundation brush (Real Techniques Buffing Brush) to soften the edges - and calm down an over zealous application.

I seriously cannot recommend Daniel Sandler's Waterbrush enough - I would like to try it with the blush it's meant to be paired with but right now, it's all about the contouring.

Cheers, Daniel - you done good.

What's your favourite contouring products?


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  1. Great use for the brush, it's the perfect angle xx