Sunday, February 09, 2014

The Sunday Post: This Works Deep Sleep Bath Oil

Something a little indulgent for this dreary Sunday - bath time relaxation with the This Works Deep Sleep Bath Oil.

I picked this cute mini size for just £5 in the Space NK sale after Christmas but have only just had chance to use it. Last Sunday, when the other half went out to play football, I took the chance to indulge in a little me time - bath, candles, ASOS magazine and a beautiful bath oil. I'm not one for baths on a regular basis so when I do, I know it's needed. Since moving house things have been ultra hectic (who knew choosing a fruit bowl could be so mind-boggling?) so this came as a welcome treat.

The Deep Sleep Bath Oil is one of many from the Deep Sleep range and smells incredible. Seriously, I can't quite put my finger on it but it left not only the bathroom but the entire upstairs of the house smelling like a spa - something I adored, the other half not so much. I poured 2 capfuls under a hot tap as they bath filled up, struck a match and lit two of my favourite candles and sunk into the hot watered relaxing aromas. What a treat.

In regards to sending me to sleep - not so much. But I don't expect a bath oil to knock me out (it doesn't take much anyway...) I use this simply to unwind and drift off into a spa-like state for 20 minutes or so. And for that, it works wonders.

I'd definitely recommend this, especially if you're a bath lover. I'm not sure I favour it over my Aromatherapy Associates Relax Deep oil but it's still up there. I'd like to try it out in conjunction with the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray and Bath Salts form This Works next!

What products do you use to unwind?


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