Saturday, January 18, 2014

Review: EyeCurl

Having long lashes isn't all it's cracked up to be... the weight of them means they never hold a curl despite using my beloved Shu Uemura. However, I've discovered the wonderful, albeit oddly looking, EyeCurl.

Now, heated eyelash curlers aren't anything new. In fact, I remember having one when I was in my teens but it was completely useless and a waste of time. Fast forward a few years and the creation of a souped up version resulted in the EyeCurl*.

It's pretty straight forward - you turn it on, it heats up, you lift your lashes with it and hold for no more than 5 seconds and you're done! I first tried this at the Clothes Show and was so impressed by it's lasting power. Ok, so you wouldn't use this every day otherwise I'd be concerned for the condition of your lashes, but for those days/nights you need something to last? This is it. It doesn't give the same effect as standard curlers, I find it's less full - maybe because it heats the mascara. (Yes, I use it after - the lady did at the Clothes Show! Plus I find it works better...) But you can't fault the lasting effect - I've never been so impressed!

Below shows my lashes after I've used the EyeCurl on the left, and without on the right. The picture below that shows both eyes finished with the EyeCurl - the results speak for themselves!

I love that you can customise the result - if you want just the outer edges lifted, just place it there... if you want a full curl, place it along the entire width of your lashes. Easy peasy!

And if you're wondering how I use it, here's a very natural and slightly gormy picture of me:

It retails at £16.95, you can get it here.

Have you tried the EyeCurl?


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  1. that looks like a really cool device, does make a difference to the eyelashes x u also have a cute blog