Friday, October 18, 2013

The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful #2

Left: One coat Right: Two coats

The Good: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream (£5.99)
This is one of those cult products that I think is either loved or hated. Mainly down to the scent. I had a bottle years ago when I was younger but in all honesty I had no clue what to do with it or how to use it - despite making out I was a know-it-all. Fast forward a few years and this has become a best buddy to my smackers. Yup, this is a saviour for chapped, dry lips as the temperature drops and the layers of clothing triples. The scent doesn't bother me and once it's been applied I can't even smell anything. It feels so smooth on my lips and it stays around for a good while! It can also be used for things like dry elbows and knees. Try it out with a little bottle like this before you splurge on the full size - plus this is perfect to pop in your handbag!

The Bad: Garnier Invisi Mineral Deodorant (£2.99)
This was one of those last-minute purchases. I'd ran out of my normal stuff and needed to grab something. I get quire bad eczema every now and then under my arms and it can flare up really quickly, so I picked the 'calming' one thinking it'd suit me best. In fact, it was just drying, cakey and really irritated my skin. And didn't really work. I don't like saying bad things about products but the last thing I'd want is for any of you to waste money on things that don't work. I've since found natural ones work best, particularly Dr.Organics so I'm sticking with that bad boy. Sorry, Garnier.

The Beautiful: Revlon Glitter polishes (£4.49)
I am a huge fan of Revlon polishes and their glitter offerings don't disappoint! Unfortunately, you can't get 'Sequins' anymore but there are plenty of others to choose from. 'Sparkling' is a cool toned pink with lots of different sized glitter particles suspended in a predominantly clear base. 'Girly' is a milkshake pink base filled with blue, red, pink and gold glitter particles - again all different sizes. They go on so well with all the glitter distributing evenly. I like to wear 'Sparkling' over something like OPI's Bubblebath and 'Sequins' over a nude or pastel colour to give an eggshell effect. You can easily wear 'Girly' alone of double it with another pink polishes for a real girly finish... see what I did there? They're super affordable and such good quality - definitely add some to your collection!

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