Friday, August 09, 2013

TopShop Parma Violet

I've been on the hunt for a lilac polish for a while now but nothing had been the right shade. I'm partial to a bit of MAC's Nicki 2 lipstick, an unusual shade but beautiful when paired with the right makeup - and what better to pair it with than a matching polish?

So then I came across TopShop's Parma Violet nail polish. A gorgeous muted lilac that's not as pastel as many other similar shades.

It's my first TopShop polish and I have to say, I'm really impressed with the formula and quality! It goes on really nicely - no streaks - and you do only need a couple of coats. It has a little shine to it but I'd still recommend using a top coat. Seche Vite is my top choice at the moment!

The colour really does remind me of the parma violet sweets you had as a kid (one of my faves!). Actually, it reminds me of sweets in general... Or maybe that's my inner sweet tooth talking!

I cannot recommend this polish enough. It'll look so good with a summer glow. Although saying that, I don't exactly have a tan right now and it looks pretty damn good! For just £5 I think, if you're looking for this type of shade, it's well worth the money. I know there are brands like Essie that are a similar price but I'm just completely in love with this!

What TopShop make up have you tried? What should be my next purchase?

A x


  1. This colour is gorgeous, definite purchase! Theresa x

  2. Love this colour and it totally does remind me of parma violets