Friday, May 22, 2015

Top Five | For A Glowing Complexion

I'm all about a dewy, glowing complexion nowadays and I think I'm managing to pin it down to a handful of skincare products. Sure, I have my makeup picks that help enhance that inner glow but if we can halve the work by getting our skin right, that's a bonus!

Let's go in order of how these would be applied... after cleansing my skin I always reach for The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask when my skin is looking a little lack-lustre. I know full well any lack of glow is normally down to dehydration and this mask packs a punch in that department! I've spoken in full about it here but essentially I never get such an instant 'wow look at my skin!' feeling with any other face mask like I do with this. Things just look better.

Once that's been removed, going in with a toner like the Clarins Toning Lotion is working wonders. I have to admit I can be very forgetful when it comes to using a toner but I definitely see a brightness to my complexion when I've remembered to use it for a few days in a row. I love the soothing camomile in this one and it smells really good - simply put a little on a cotton pad and swipe over the skin. It's for normal to dry skin making it great for my dehydrated skin. I think I'd like to try an acid toner soon though - any recommendations?

There are a number of products I use at night to get my skin looking tip-top but the one I rely on most for boosting radiance is the Antipodes Apostle Serum*. Reviewed in full here, this fruity concoction targets dull and tired skin to boost brightness and even out the skin tone. I've been really enjoying using this and it's packed with so much good stuff that I can actually see make a difference!

Fast forward to the morning and we can tackle that dull complexion a little more. I've been really enjoying The Body Shop's brand new Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser*. Different from the other product they sell, this is more of a gel consistency and I can't tell you how much moisture this has been injecting into my skin! It's very cooling so wakes up my morning skin wonderfully and I can feel it zapping some life into my pores as I massage it in. This is going to be even better on hot days but I'm absolutely loving it's glow-inducing formula at the moment.

Then, when things are really struggling and for special occasions, I treat my skin to a little Sarah Chapman's Skinesis Morning Facial. Ohh I love this stuff and wish I could afford to use it every single day! Half a pump of this really plumps up my complexion making it look super fresh, dewy and more supple - the perfect base for makeup. Just make sure you let it sink in because the oily serum needs a little time to work its magic. See my full review here.

Have you got any tips for a glowing complexion?


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  1. I love the Clarins toning lotion but I keep forgetting to use it! The body shop mask sounds fab!

    Beth x