Monday, May 11, 2015

Currently Loving #1

I know things have been a little sporadic around these parts recently and for future reference - if that happens again - it's mainly down to the fact my work/life balances becomes tipped towards work and things get a little manic so do stick with me!

To kick off a brand new week though, I thought I'd give a run down of some of the products I've been loving using recently. Some are brand new, some are old favourites but all are pretty awesome.

As a big fan of a glowing, dewy base I've been experimenting with a new duo - Revlon Photoready Sunlights in Bare Light and Bourjois CC Cream. Now, the CC Cream I've been a fan of for so, so long because it gives just enough coverage whilst balancing out any redness perfectly but I've been swapping and changing which illuminator to wear underneath. This Revlon Photoready Sunlights has a nude/bronze tone to it so as well as brightening up my skintone, it helps give more of a sunkissed glow as well. I've been loving the final result and will be sure to review in full soon.

To add to my bronzed up look, Soap & Glory's Solar Powder is going down a treat! It's a tad frustrating that I've hit pan on one side, despite mixing the shades together every time I use it, but the colour is really lovely. It's not orange and not overly pigmented so my heavy hands don't end up applying too much in one go. Sure, the packaging gets a little grubby but it's only sitting in a drawer so I'm not fussed.

I have my cousin's wedding in Spain at the end of this month so I've started prepping my skin for a little more sunshine. I don't tan easily and Lord knows my skin is lacking some colour so it's definitely time to fake it - stat! First off I'm completely obsessed with The Body Shop's Fuji Green Tea body scrub - it smells insanely good and leaves my skin super soft and ready for whichever fake tan I want to opt for. Instead of using a standard fake tan though, I've been going for something a little more subtle - St Moriz Gradual Self Tanning Lotion. I've used St Moriz in the past but when I spotted this gradual tan version I thought it'd be a perfect alternative. It has zero fake tan smell, instead it's more citrusy, and is super moisturising. There's no colour to it but I've had no problems with streaking or patchiness at all. Sure, it doesn't give a deep tan but it's given some life to be ghost-like limbs and I can apply it every other day without fear of it wearing off awkwardly. 

What have you been loving recently?


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